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Own a Wonder Box or Portal? How to get the best results using them. Hey everyone! It’s a lovely Tuesday here in Phx AZ. Sunny, and in the 90’s already. I am hearing about snowstorms in the east today, so if that is you STAY WARM! Today I wanted to write a brief “guide” to offer those who use a Portal or Wonder Box get the most from them. In fact, you can use these tips for any ITC device to help with your responses and communication. As I explain on my page where I occasionally offer up boxes for sale (here) there is no device that exists on earth that will be able to just be turned on and bring instant ghosts and spirits to speak to you. It’s a process, no matter what you use. I have always said, it is mostly the OPERATOR (you) over the device […]

How to easily make your own Mini Spirit Portal Communicator, and how to use it.. Hey guys! Steve here again and while I am down and out with some sort of flu right now I wanted to get this posted as I promised I would. As many of you know, My Portal Wonder box has been getting some attention lately and it is now being used by quite a few researchers who are using it with fantastic results. I have received maybe 30-35 e-mails over the past 7-10 days from those who want to buy or order a Portal Wonder Box 2017 edition. THANK YOU ALL for your interest… …BUT I am all out and not sure if and when I will offer more due to many issues with time (takes all of my time, and I need my time for my business that pays the bills, this does NOT), financials […]

How Spirits use my Portal Wonder Box to Speak. With Proof. P-SB7, Apps, Police Scanner I see it again and again and again. Many just do not understand how spirits actually use devices, especially my portal wonder box, to speak to us. Yes, we now have devices made by many out there in ITC land that can connect and allow the dead to speak. Some are clearer than others and some are better than others but today I am focusing on my very own PORTAL WONDER BOX. I made this video today after seeing someone make a comment about “steve huff uses apps with such and such audio” or whatever they said. The point is, it does not matter in the slightest what audio is used into this device. Spirits can use ANYTHING to manipulate and get their messages out. What I look for, and what we all should look […]

How to prepare yourself for Spirit Communication (Video) The video below is almost a year old now but with over 1,000 thumbs up on YouTube and only 17 thumbs downs I figured that I should post it here for those who may have missed it! It is basically me talking about how you can prepare yourself for spirit communication, including HOW TO connect with your spirit guide. It is what worked for me, so I think it can work for you as well! If you are someone who wants to get into talking, recording or feeling/sensing spirits, take a look at the video below and get yourself ready by using the tips I give you. They work! Enjoy!  

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