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A Direct Conversation With Spirits and Ghosts. Mid Day Wonder Box Session. Clear as a bell. Hey all! Happy Saturday! It is the weekend and it’s been almost a week since I have done a session, so decided to run the Wonder Box in my office today, mid day. I also did a small session this morning. (both can be seen in this video below). I have upgraded the microphone on my camera, so the audio is clearer than ever now. Today, they spoke as they always do. It’s always so amazing and for me, it never gets old. Having them speak to me, so directly and clearly is just amazing and I will always strive to improve this communication. IN fact, I am trying new things right now…testing…building and working on the next device I will use for my communications. I also used Spiritus and Vortex here. Both amazing […]

Two new videos! A VLOG, cemetery session with a mini portal, and cleansing my home! Hey guys! Had a few days off in Las Vegas with Debby. Spent the time there eating tons of food, seeing a great show and just walking…lots of walking. Neither of us gamble, so we did not do ay of that but we had fun, and I had a solid three days out of my house and away from ITC. Did not even think about it. Me and Debby on the “High Roller” in Vegas last week ūüėČ Happy as can be and feeling GREAT. But I came back feeling GREAT. I decided to do a cleansing in my home for two reasons. To see how spirits would react while running the Wonder Box and doing the cleansing and to see if it would have any effect. I still need to do a “proper” cleansing […]

I ask questions..they answer. Plus some details.. If you saw my last video and post here you would have seen I said I was taking a 2 week break from doing sessions. Well, that lasted 3 days, lol. But in all seriousness, I am indeed taking a break. In fact, Debby and I are heading to Las Vegas for the next 3 days to get away ¬†for some fun and R&R (and we do not even gamble). But today, while doing some work I had to get done I was thinking how direct the answers have become for me using the Wonder Box with the new MINIBOX app. I said “what if I just ask 3-4 questions, record for 3-5 minutes..would they answer me directly”? I wanted to ask my guides if I should keep doing this work and research as since November, they have been causing some health issues […]

Intense One on One Session with a Female Spirit..this one is different. Wonder Box Custom Just when I think it could not get any stranger or more intense, this happens. I woke up and decided to record a session with my Wonder Box Custom while I made and drank my morning coffee. I could not get my Portal + or Matrix apps to load up (my Android tab is slow as molasses) so by the time I got the session started it was 10 minutes later. When it did start up (using the free Vortex app) what happened was unusual. Never have I had this happen before. I have had the box go silent before but never like this. In fact even when it has gone silent in the past there were a few voices that would come in. Here, this was basically a one on one as a female […]

Talking to the Spirits in my Home with my Latest Wonder Box. In case you missed this one, here is a video I did three days ago and it’s a good one. A session in my home with my latest Wonder Box that is just getting clearer and more direct than ever. I also go over the Wonder Box a little, talk about other things such as ITC technology, Paranormal Lockdown on using the device and more. ¬†This one clocks in at around 22 minutes. Enjoy

The Evolution of the Portal into the Wonder Box over two years. It’s been about 2 years now since I started working on and testing ¬†methods of spirit communication for the original Portal device. What started my idea for the portal was actually the ITC software I worked on with programmer Anthony Sanchez from That software was the SCD-1 or “Spirit Communication Device #1”. I was testing reverb for spirit communication with my own guitar amp and rig at home and when I realized it was helping spirits to come through, I asked Anthony to add that feature to the SCD-1. Sure enough, when Reverb was activated on the SCD-1, it helped with responses, as in…more of them came in. The Portal During that time when the SCD-1 was launched I was working on what eventually became the Portal device. It was simple and only consisted of three main […]

A BONE CHILLING SPIRIT COMMUNICATION SESSION. UNREAL but VERY REAL. MUST SEE. WOW. I built a new Wonder Box + and added a couple of new things. This is built to ship out to someone but before I put on the feet and tidy it up, I wanted to test it to make sure it could receive communication. I fired it up and all I will say is. WOW. Be sure to watch it below. Blew me away and chilled me to the bone last night. Enjoy! Also, do not forget to tune in tomorrow, Jan 20th to PARANORMAL LOCKDOWN on TLC. I WILL be on the show using my Wonder Box along with Nick, Katrina and good buddy George Brown. A MUST SEE! #PARANORMALLOCKDOWN

Group Night Returned! It was amazing…see the video here! It has been a while but something told me yesterday ¬†to “do a group night session”. So I went to my facebook¬†last night and did a live stream announcing that in 3 hours I would be doing a group night session, just like I used to do them over the years. Many are new to me and my channel and may not know what a “group night” is so let me explain. A few years ago I started these group sessions, usually doing one per month. I would post an event page on my Huff Paranormal facebook page¬†2-4 weeks in advance with instructions on how ANYONE anywhere in the world could participate. The goal? To have the deceased loved ones of those who participate try to come through and leave a validation message for them.¬† All those who wanted to join […]

I’m re-energized! Ramblings about ITC, FEAR and What is to come.. Ever since that last session, I was wiped out for days after. Feeling worn out, feeling low energy, some aches and pains throughout my body..but this is not the 1st time this has happened after an intense session. In fact, when you do this work, and are an empath, which I feel I 100% am, then you do get drained when you do this type of work. Truth be told, that last session freaked me out a little right after, and that is not easy to do. I have conditioned my mind, body and soul for years to never ever show fear when doing this work, as I feel that is the most dangerous thing one can do to themselves. Fear can activate parts of our brain we had no idea existed and then our brain can make us […]

LIVE! Connecting to a callers loved one during a live broadcast, with STUNNING Validations! Wow. Just wow. That’s all I can say along with my colleagues in the ITC field who participated with me last night for a live broadcast of Jason Blands Paranormal Soup.¬† For two hours myself and good positive friends of the field (Keith & Carissa of the Chillseekers, Michael Todd Phillips, Medium Katrina Cooper, Jamie Demelos, Jeffrey Chan, Rob Autrey, and BIll Perry P of Pumkinhead Paranormal) all sat in with Jason Bland for a New Years show. We all had devices with us and we each did a short session (still have to go over the audio from those as most replies are heard at playback). Some with apps like Spiritus, Portal Plus, and others with a PSB7 and Portal. Near¬†the end of the show a caller called in to ask if one of us […]

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