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A Direct Conversation With Spirits and Ghosts. Mid Day Wonder Box Session. Clear as a bell. Hey all! Happy Saturday! It is the weekend and it’s been almost a week since I have done a session, so decided to run the Wonder Box in my office today, mid day. I also did a small session this morning. (both can be seen in this video below). I have upgraded the microphone on my camera, so the audio is clearer than ever now. Today, they spoke as they always do. It’s always so amazing and for me, it never gets old. Having them speak to me, so directly and clearly is just amazing and I will always strive to improve this communication. IN fact, I am trying new things right now…testing…building and working on the next device I will use for my communications. I also used Spiritus and Vortex here. Both amazing […]

A Test of a new Wonder Box custom, and an Explanation of what was said.. So I just finished a new Wonder Box custom and added something new to test again, so this was built to be my new personal box. The day I finished it I set it on my blue stool where I normally take photos of every box I have made and after taking a few shots of it, I turned it on for a 3-5 minute test. I hooked in the new MINIBOX app into it from I recorded for and asked some questions. When you watch it, you may think the spirits are not making sense, but they are. The video below will show the short session first. THEN, I will show it again with an explanation of what is being said, and it all makes sense.   Remember, spirits are energy, pure energy […]

Two new videos! A VLOG, cemetery session with a mini portal, and cleansing my home! Hey guys! Had a few days off in Las Vegas with Debby. Spent the time there eating tons of food, seeing a great show and just walking…lots of walking. Neither of us gamble, so we did not do ay of that but we had fun, and I had a solid three days out of my house and away from ITC. Did not even think about it. Me and Debby on the “High Roller” in Vegas last week šŸ˜‰ Happy as can be and feeling GREAT. But I came back feeling GREAT. I decided to do a cleansing in my home for two reasons. To see how spirits would react while running the Wonder Box and doing the cleansing and to see if it would have any effect. I still need to do a “proper” cleansing […]

The Ghosts of the Gadsden Hotel Speak to us. Douglas, AZ 2016   Debby and I traveled a few hours to Douglas AZ this past weekend to stay a night at the historic Gadsden Hotel. Back a few years ago this hotel was a hot spot for paranormal investigators due to the hotel being featured on TV and in many videos online. I always wanted to stay a night there so as a celebration for hitting 100,000 subscribers on YouTube for Huff Paranormal we headed out in hopes to connect audibly with the spirits who reside at the hotel. With the most cutting edge communication gear in hand for 2016, we headed to the Gadsden and checked into our room, which was COLD! We soon discovered there was no heat in the building and space heaters were spread around for heat. It wasn’t THAT bad and it was kind of […]

Group Session #6 video now up! See it here! Here you go! To all who were waiting for the next group session video, here it is below. Group Session #6 took place on July 5th 2014 and there were over 800 of you participating from all over the world. If you are not familiar with them, you can read more about the group sessionsĀ HERE. During the night’s session I used 5 different devices for communication. The Andy’s Box Echo Version, the P-SB11 Spirit Box, the Andy’s Box standard, A Radio Shack Hack and more.Ā I also experimented with Dowsing Rods, which was pretty amazing. The most responses came from the Andy’s Echo Version and as always, many of the replies make no sense TO ME, but may make sense to some of you who took part in the session. In the past five group sessions I have had odd things come […]

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