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LIVE! Connecting to a callers loved one during a live broadcast, with STUNNING Validations! Wow. Just wow. That’s all I can say along with my colleagues in the ITC field who participated with me last night for a live broadcast of Jason Blands Paranormal Soup.  For two hours myself and good positive friends of the field (Keith & Carissa of the Chillseekers, Michael Todd Phillips, Medium Katrina Cooper, Jamie Demelos, Jeffrey Chan, Rob Autrey, and BIll Perry P of Pumkinhead Paranormal) all sat in with Jason Bland for a New Years show. We all had devices with us and we each did a short session (still have to go over the audio from those as most replies are heard at playback). Some with apps like Spiritus, Portal Plus, and others with a PSB7 and Portal. Near the end of the show a caller called in to ask if one of us […]

A Spirit Session using only the Spiritus app and my Phone. Wow. George Michael’s voice? I think so.  It’s been a while since I have done a session with only an app, without my Portal Wonder Box. Since I sold my personal Wonder Box recently (to build an all new one for myself with my latest ideas) I actually do not have a portal here at all right now. I came down with the flu and spent the last 5 days resting instead of building a new box for myself. So yesterday I was starting to feel better and I thought “I have not done a Spiritus session in a while”…so I pulled out my iPhone and opened up the Spiritus app and recorded a short session. What happened surprised me as I feel I captured THE VOICE of George Michael. if you know his voice, you will recognize it […]

Unpublished But Incredible Spirit Session using Several Devices Over the last 2 months or so I sold a few Portal Wonder Box devices to some of you out there for research, and for general communication with the afterlife. Anytime I sell a box, I make a demo/tutorial video for the new owner so they know how to use it, dial it in and get the most out of it. These videos are never shared publicly, only to the new box owners. But sometimes I get some great validations that come through during these demos, so I put together a compilation of some of my favorites and whipped them up in to on 17 minute video. This gives you all a chance to see more spirit communication from me, as well as a glimpse at what some of these boxes look and sound like 😉 They even mention my heart issues […]

How to easily make your own Mini Spirit Portal Communicator, and how to use it.. Hey guys! Steve here again and while I am down and out with some sort of flu right now I wanted to get this posted as I promised I would. As many of you know, My Portal Wonder box has been getting some attention lately and it is now being used by quite a few researchers who are using it with fantastic results. I have received maybe 30-35 e-mails over the past 7-10 days from those who want to buy or order a Portal Wonder Box 2017 edition. THANK YOU ALL for your interest… …BUT I am all out and not sure if and when I will offer more due to many issues with time (takes all of my time, and I need my time for my business that pays the bills, this does NOT), financials […]

I ask the spirits who say they are in me to show themselves..did they? This whole spirit communication thing is starting to take on a whole new level for me lately, and I think I know why. Three years ago I had a theory, and I told it to Debby and a few others. They thought it was plausible, but I always figured there would be no way to prove it. My theory was this: For years now I have been able to capture amazing, solid spirit voices that started out good but have lately gotten pretty crazy, even for me. I used to think there was always a spirit or guide attached to me which explained why my communication was so solid. Think about it… If I go somewhere and record EVP’s or do a spirit box session and have a spirit attached to me that other spirits can […]

OUT OF THIS WORLD SPIRIT SESSION. Full Session from Last Night! For me and many I work with, all that matters is the research and after years of pursuing this with a full passion, it is paying off. An unreal spirit session with my latest edition of the Wonder Box..enjoy it my friends. May your Christmas Holiday be filled with love, light, blessings and joy. Thank you all again for your continued support.

The Clearest Spirit Box Session In Existence. My Latest Wonder Box Session. Holy wow guys. I have been making my latest Wonder Box with the latest enhancements and here I was working all day every day on them for the last week. I decided to take one that I took a liking to tonight, just about an hour ago, and turn it on to do a small session. I was blown away by what I heard. It was clear as can be, and direct. This Wonder Box I was using is not even done yet, as it still needs it’s antenna, and two more things added, which will improve it even more.   We are on the cusp of something big here with spirit communication. I have never heard any device be as clear and direct as this and I created it which just boggles my brain but then I […]

The Portal Wonder Box tells Nick Groff to “DIG”, and he did…Paranormal Lockdown Premiere I am just in awe tonight as I saw Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman on Paranormal Lockdown use my device, the Portal Wonder Box. Now, normally that would be awesome for me in itself. But what I just witnessed on Paranormal Lockdown with the Season 2 Premiere was out of this world. If you did not see it, I suggest watching it. Not just because they use the Portal Wonder Box, but because of the entire episode. It may have been the best produced and well done Paranormal Episode of ANY show I have ever seen. You guys know I am not a fan of over the top dramatized shows (like some can be) but for this one, I looked at the evidence and the investigation as a whole. The validations they received were possibly the […]

Testing My Energy Transfer Accessory for Spirit Communication. The Results? Hear for yourself…but first… (Video is at the bottom after my long-winded story of how this all came to be) Well, it has been weeks since I was going to start on my new device for spirit communication but for now, that has taken a back seat as it will take some dedication and lots of time. Time I will not have until starting Feb/March of 2017. So instead on gathering parts and building an all new device from scratch I decided to take action on something that was shown to me one day while driving with Debby from Sedona AZ. 100% TRUE STORY We were driving, well..I was at the wheel and all of a sudden I saw a flash in my head and it was an image, a moving image of myself, and three others sitting at a […]

How Spirits use my Portal Wonder Box to Speak. With Proof. P-SB7, Apps, Police Scanner I see it again and again and again. Many just do not understand how spirits actually use devices, especially my portal wonder box, to speak to us. Yes, we now have devices made by many out there in ITC land that can connect and allow the dead to speak. Some are clearer than others and some are better than others but today I am focusing on my very own PORTAL WONDER BOX. I made this video today after seeing someone make a comment about “steve huff uses apps with such and such audio” or whatever they said. The point is, it does not matter in the slightest what audio is used into this device. Spirits can use ANYTHING to manipulate and get their messages out. What I look for, and what we all should look […]

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