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Two new videos! A VLOG, cemetery session with a mini portal, and cleansing my home! Hey guys! Had a few days off in Las Vegas with Debby. Spent the time there eating tons of food, seeing a great show and just walking…lots of walking. Neither of us gamble, so we did not do ay of that but we had fun, and I had a solid three days out of my house and away from ITC. Did not even think about it. Me and Debby on the “High Roller” in Vegas last week ūüėČ Happy as can be and feeling GREAT. But I came back feeling GREAT. I decided to do a cleansing in my home for two reasons. To see how spirits would react while running the Wonder Box and doing the cleansing and to see if it would have any effect. I still need to do a “proper” cleansing […]

Next Group Session Night – Sunday Feb 19th. Here is how to join in… It’s that time again, time for the next group night which will be my 1st Spirit Communication session in about a week. What is the group night session?¬† If you are new to ¬†them, it is a night when anyone, no matter where you reside in the world can participate (100% free) to try to receive a message or validation from your loved ones. I have been doing ¬†these for years now and last month brought them back and we had a ver productive night with what appeared to be multiple validations for many who participated. I do not stream these live, there is no skype involved, there is no need for anyone who joins in to do nothing more than a 15 minute meditation during the hour BEFORE I do the session. My LAST group […]

I ask questions..they answer. Plus some details.. If you saw my last video and post here you would have seen I said I was taking a 2 week break from doing sessions. Well, that lasted 3 days, lol. But in all seriousness, I am indeed taking a break. In fact, Debby and I are heading to Las Vegas for the next 3 days to get away ¬†for some fun and R&R (and we do not even gamble). But today, while doing some work I had to get done I was thinking how direct the answers have become for me using the Wonder Box with the new MINIBOX app. I said “what if I just ask 3-4 questions, record for 3-5 minutes..would they answer me directly”? I wanted to ask my guides if I should keep doing this work and research as since November, they have been causing some health issues […]

Testing the new MINIBOX app, and taking a 2 week break from sessions… Happy Friday to all! Just finished my Friday night ritual of watching Paranormal Lockdown and decided to sit down in my office and write-up a post as I just realized I never shared the last 3-4 videos I made for those who check this website. I know many of you do not go to facebook,¬†and instead check this page often so if you have not seen what I have been up to lately, read on my good friends. Just this week my friend Anthony Sanchez recently came out with a new app (For Windows OS Only) called MINIBOX, and I was excited to see what he brewed up¬†when he asked me to test it for a couple of days before he launched it. It’s been a while since Anthony released a new ITC app, so I had […]

Your Mind will be BLOWN by this Spirit Communication Session. It just keeps getting better. Not only did I have a solid connection with 1-2 spirits, and a constant back and forth interaction…they also informed me that what I have been testing will work, and yes it does. THIS is how they help me to find new breakthroughs and methods of communication. ; ) They give me ideas and then validate them. I have been working on a method with my digital recorder for a few weeks..and here they tell me it will work. I then show you that it does indeed and it is incredible. JUST WATCH, and you will see what I mean. Breaking new ground in spirit communication as I will show you communication without any app or radio source into my Wonder Box. Video below…

Hear the Voices of the Dead. Intense session with energy transfer device test. Last week I did a session using my “Human Antenna” again, and it will most likely be the last time I use it on my own. I have used it 3 times now, maybe 4, but 3 times for a full spirit session and each time with enhanced results..once even with visions (see that one here) It consists of a copper coil around my head, around my body and on my finger all going into the device to test a theory that they can use MY energy to speak. It also implements certain kinds of crystals that I have found seems to help with communication and connecting. I feel this energy transfer works to some extent but when I use it I also feel more drained and each time, not 100% myself when done. Meaning, twice I […]

Intense One on One Session with a Female Spirit..this one is different. Wonder Box Custom Just when I think it could not get any stranger or more intense, this happens. I woke up and decided to record a session with my Wonder Box Custom while I made and drank my morning coffee. I could not get my Portal + or Matrix apps to load up (my Android tab is slow as molasses) so by the time I got the session started it was 10 minutes later. When it did start up (using the free Vortex app) what happened was unusual. Never have I had this happen before. I have had the box go silent before but never like this. In fact even when it has gone silent in the past there were a few voices that would come in. Here, this was basically a one on one as a female […]

Talking to the Spirits in my Home with my Latest Wonder Box. In case you missed this one, here is a video I did three days ago and it’s a good one. A session in my home with my latest Wonder Box that is just getting clearer and more direct than ever. I also go over the Wonder Box a little, talk about other things such as ITC technology, Paranormal Lockdown on using the device and more. ¬†This one clocks in at around 22 minutes. Enjoy

The Evolution of the Portal into the Wonder Box over two years. It’s been about 2 years now since I started working on and testing ¬†methods of spirit communication for the original Portal device. What started my idea for the portal was actually the ITC software I worked on with programmer Anthony Sanchez from That software was the SCD-1 or “Spirit Communication Device #1”. I was testing reverb for spirit communication with my own guitar amp and rig at home and when I realized it was helping spirits to come through, I asked Anthony to add that feature to the SCD-1. Sure enough, when Reverb was activated on the SCD-1, it helped with responses, as in…more of them came in. The Portal During that time when the SCD-1 was launched I was working on what eventually became the Portal device. It was simple and only consisted of three main […]

Good spirit communication apps WORK. So do Radios. But what do the spirits prefer? 1st let me ask the spirits using a P-SB7 spirit radio ¬†what they prefer…then below some undeniable amazing sessions using APPS…   Hey to all! I hope everyone if off to a great start of their week. It is Monday and while I used to hate Mondays, these days I love them. For me it represents the start of a new week, a week that I can try my best to make better than the week before. So think positive! Think happy thoughts and I bet your week will be that much better. EEK! I have been hearing about more¬†negativity within the usual negative ITC circles lately. It seems many still prefer drama to research and anger and jealousy to productivity. It’s really sad to see but it has always been there, and in fact, it […]

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