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Connecting with a 10 year Old Child Spirit…and other communications. Hey everyone! The Weekend is almost over and TONIGHT is group night so for anyone who is participating be sure to watch the instructions on how to do so in the video HERE. Besides that, a couple days ago I uploaded a new video to my YouTube channel (see it here) and it included part of a session I did last week. One segment seemed to have included communication with a spirit who told me she was 10, after I asked her age. The communication went on for 3-4 exchanges with this girls voice. Pretty incredible. The box used here was the LAST Wonder Box Custom I have made, and will make. No more of this model will be made and only 15 exist in the world, all with their new owners (or soon to be). But the communication here […]

A Wonder Box Session, but not from me…check this one out Hello everyone! It’s Thursday and we are over the hump, the weekend is almost here!! I will be spending the weekend with friends and family and am looking forward to it. Today I wanted to show you all that it’s not just me who gets results with a Wonder Box. MANY do, and in fact, there are so many out there today using a Portal or Wonder Box and getting VERY REAL communication using them. Many use variants of the Portal design and get results. It’s absolutely amazing and makes me proud to know that something I created is bridging that gap for so many around the world. I sometimes offer my designs for sale, made by me, the guy who invented the Portal and Wonder Box. A few weeks ago I sent a box I made to its […]

One more Wonder Box Custom for Sale, and that is it! No more. ONE LEFT! Just an update guys because I know if I did not post here then someone would be upset if they missed it. Ever since offering my Wonder Box Custom for sale, it has been selling out within 24-48 hours of offering up 3-5 at a time. But these cost a fortune to make, and now take me 3 weeks to build. Too much of my time is being taken up by making these customs. I have made around 15 of them so far in 2017 (one for me, two for TV shows and 12 for those who bought one) and have one more to offer. After this one sells I am no longer going to make this Custom Wonder Box with all of the pricey parts. Yep, it performs the best for me out of […]

Own a Wonder Box or Portal? How to get the best results using them. Hey everyone! It’s a lovely Tuesday here in Phx AZ. Sunny, and in the 90’s already. I am hearing about snowstorms in the east today, so if that is you STAY WARM! Today I wanted to write a brief “guide” to offer those who use a Portal or Wonder Box get the most from them. In fact, you can use these tips for any ITC device to help with your responses and communication. As I explain on my page where I occasionally offer up boxes for sale (here) there is no device that exists on earth that will be able to just be turned on and bring instant ghosts and spirits to speak to you. It’s a process, no matter what you use. I have always said, it is mostly the OPERATOR (you) over the device […]

Does HELL Exist? This spirit says it does, and that they are there… For years and years, and mainly my entire life, I have been experiencing things that are sort of “out of this world” when it comes to what is normal and what is not normal..or “Paranormal”. As I sit here right now typing, listening to Bob Denver’s “Take me home country roads” that popped up in Spotify somehow I am decoding in my head, at the same time, what the last 6 years of evidence has brought me. Have I learned ANYTHING from doing all of these spirit sessions, videos, and spending half of my life working at it? Yes, of course. Not only have I learned a ton, my life has changed over these last seven years to be much better, much more positive, much more filled with love, and much happier in general. Over seven years […]

Talking to the Dead. My latest videos and what I am up to… Hey everyone! It has been a while since I updated this website. Been busy with life, and work and an office “remodel”. Also been making a few Wonder Box’s for researchers and having nice time doing so. I find it therapeutic actually. I have uploaded new videos to my YouTube channel since my last update here, and I will post them all below in case you missed them. My latest shows me using my Wonder Box with only an Olympus LS-P2 digital recorder as the source..for true real time EVP. No app, no radio yet replies still come through. So…what am I up to right now and beyond? This year I will be doing 2-3 trips/investigations and working with others along the way. In April I will be meeting up with Keith and Carissa from the Chillseekers […]

A Test of a new Wonder Box custom, and an Explanation of what was said.. So I just finished a new Wonder Box custom and added something new to test again, so this was built to be my new personal box. The day I finished it I set it on my blue stool where I normally take photos of every box I have made and after taking a few shots of it, I turned it on for a 3-5 minute test. I hooked in the new MINIBOX app into it from I recorded for and asked some questions. When you watch it, you may think the spirits are not making sense, but they are. The video below will show the short session first. THEN, I will show it again with an explanation of what is being said, and it all makes sense.   Remember, spirits are energy, pure energy […]

A more affordable Wonder Box “Classic” now for sale at $899 SHIPPED! My fully featured and loaded Wonder Box plus and custom is expensive to make, and to sell. (They sell for $1499-$1899) Those models are loaded with everything I know that helps spirits to communicate and is what I have been using now for my last 20 videos or so. But a year ago I was using a normal “Wonder Box”..when it was more simple, and less complex to make and use. Many have been asking  me to offer a less expensive option for a box, so here it is. While my top end “Plus” and “CUSTOM”  model will sound the clearest and give spirits more of what they need to come through, the Classic also did amazing, and in fact is what Nick Groff has used through Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown. I have now “re-imagined” the look of the […]

Group Night Feb 2017 TEASER…loads of validations Just finished Group Night for Feb 19th 2017. I do these monthly, and started up again in Jan of this year after taking many months off of them. While I have done these for years now as “experimental” sessions to try to connect with YOUR loved ones (those who follow the instructions and participate) as of tonight I am changing that description from “experimental” to “I think we are there”. tonight’s session was electric for me. The energy was high, it was ALL positive and full of love and it was also emotional for me. Names were being said, validations, talk of Mothers, and Sons and just wow. I have only listened back to the 1st 15 minutes or so and what you will see here in this video are only some of the responses. (excuse the typos..again..I was tired and still am). […]

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