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Now that my spirit communication connection is rock solid and stronger than ever I have started a Patreon page where those who join me there will be able to participate in a session every month where we all try collectively to reach YOUR loved ones on the other side through my devices that I make (Wonder Box, SoulSpeaker, Portal).

It’s easy, it is fascinating and it is quite amazing if I can say so. Over the years that I have been doing this (almost eight years now) I have amassed thousands of messages and spirit sessions where I record the spirit messages in a clarity not normally seen out there in the paranormal world.

Anyone can join, easily. Check it out by clicking  HERE. 

Anyone can join my patreon page for as little as $5 and that is all it costs to take part in monthly group sessions.

I also offer live streams, exclusive video content not posted anywhere else (not even YouTube), and even a 12 part video course on spirituality and how to establish a deep connection to the other side. There is also an amazing community there, without ANY negativity, attacks, or hate. Ever. It is a community, and an amazing one at that. 

I will use my exclusive devices, the Wonder Box, Portal and SoulSpeaker for the group sessions and each month I believe we can see an improvement as we all learn and grow with the sessions and I am always improving (or trying to) my devices. I will also use the DR60 recorder for “from thin air” EVP.

There are hundreds of us over there now, and it is a great place to be, chat, and hang out. For a $5 pledge you will get:

  • Access to participate in the monthly group night session where we try to connect with your loved ones using my devices
  • Tutorials on how to meditate for the session via video
  • Easy contact – have a question? I will answer you within 24-48 hours.
  • Discussion on results and who had a validation. We discuss the results. 

At $10, you will get all of the above plus be able to join in on two live streams per month that are 100% interactive with me. Chat, talk, Q&A, and I will even pull out the DR60 for some real time communication attempts, live. 

Also, each month I will give detailed instructions via video on the Patreon page on how to join in the session and meditate for it. After the session I will go over all of the footage and transcribe the messages, posting the final video on the page for patrons to see.

A preview of the 2nd ever Patreon Group Session for 03/08/2018

Powerful sessions from Group Nights with amazing Validations. 

What is Patreon? 

Think of it as a page where you can go and get all of the above as well as chat with like minded people who are there for the same reasons. Discuss the videos with others and see what connections others have made. It’s sort of like a facebook page but more exclusive with more premium content (such as group nights and interactive live streams) and more fun as well. Also, no negativity allowed, ever. It’s a way for those who enjoy my research and work to support me all while they get something back in return. It also helps me every month to keep this research going forward as it is not cheap to do what I do. So you are supporting ITC research and enjoying all of the perks that come along with that. Join me in making history, as we are just getting started!

There is nothing in the world like this and I am excited to see just how far we can take these sessions.

I hope to see you over at my Patreon page! Thank you SO MUCH!

See the Patreon Page HERE and read more about it or join in!  It is easy to join, and all are welcome!