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Use the form below to send me a message. BUT KEEP IN MIND, I DO NOT OFFER SESSIONS TO REACH YOUR LOVED ONES AT THIS TIME in my life. I never have accepted money for this either, so that does not attract me. So please do not ask me for this (I still get countless emails asking me to do this) as I just do not do this right now. So if you ask this, you will not get an answer as that is answered here, and in my extensive Q&A video. Thank you. Also, due to receiving hundreds of emails in a week sometimes, I can not answer all. I do not answer silly emails, conspiracy theory emails or emails asking me for help with evil spirits, that is not what I do. I am a communicator, that is all. I am not a demonologist, and could never give away free wonder box devices. Yes, I get asked almost daily. I will be happy to ask questions about what I do, communication with the afterlife and/or entities. Thank you. Thank you. Steve
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