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$1 to start, no reserve, 10 day auction. See it HERE. 

I am Steve Huff, the creator of the original Portal from 2014, the backwards box from 2015, and the Wonder Box from 2016. I am the one who introduced things such as Reverb, Noise Reduction and even Energy types to enhance Spirit Communication, or as many of us call it, ITC.  I have now created my best two ITC devices ever. The Wonder Box Custom and Wonder Box Gold.

The GOLD box is a result of years of tests, and trying things spirits told me to try, even real 24K solid gold wire with my Gold Box. 

While the Gold Box is not for sale at this time, and may never be, I do offer up (from time to time, when I have time) the next best thing, the Wonder Box Custom which has now had some things brought over from the Gold like the new custom metal feet, the large quartz and Orgone Energy and some cosmetic touches.

I have a new CUSTOM on Ebay now, and it started at $1 and has no reserve.

These are not your typical $69 scratchy made in china spirit boxes. They are custom, made by me and very expensive to make.


There is nothing like this box in the world, period. No one on earth SELLS the Wonder Box besides me, as I invented it and no one knows how to make it. That is fact.  So if you see someone selling a “Wonder Box”, and it is not me, it is not a Wonder Box. So be careful. With that said, the Wonder Box evolved from the Portal that I created around 3 years ago now, and it is different. Much more involved, it works in several ways to help spirits speak to us when using apps, or spirit radios. On their own, these apps and radios can bring communication, absolutely. When paired with a Wonder Box Custom, that can turn into small conversational sessions with those who call themselves spirit. The box gives spirits energy to work with. Spirits need energy to speak or even manifest. The more energy you give them, the more they can speak..longer, clearer, more direct.

NOTE! Spirits do NOT like EM Pumps!!! I have stopped using them years ago when spirit told me it hurt them. They hate EM pumps. The Wonder Box does not use any kind of EM pump for energy. Instead it uses energy the spirits asked for. Crystal energy, Magnetic energy, Orgone Energy, Copper Energy, Human Energy, Electrical Energy and so on. It also supplies them with tools to help extend conversation..modes added to the box that you can turn on or off.

Voice Control that can increase responses by up to 30%. But the downside is it makes it less clear.

Direct Line Reverse Mode to take you source and reverse it in real time, playing it backwards. You should only hear Gibberish. When you hear a forward answer? You know it is spirit. Noise reduction for using noisy radios and the best reverb I know of to enhance spirit communication.

Built by me, Steve Huff, this box takes 2-3 weeks to make, and is NOT cheap to build. Two color paint with clear coat to protect the finish. Real time high end audio analyzer display to “see” the voices as they come through. This is not your typical cheap $5 made in china audio display. This is fluid, and beautiful.

Large feet, custom handle, and an 8 hour attached battery. This is truly portable. Not light at 15lbs, it is built to last as well.

I love my Wonder Box Custom & Gold and I am very proud of what I have accomplished in this field for research, and am happy to be able to bring it to some of you when I can. I only recommend this device to those with experience as it is not a toy and needs to be treated with respect. Not everyone is capable to get communication right off the bat, so if you are new, it can take a while as a connection needs to be established with spirit to get results like I do. That is no joke.

So if you want a legit, real, authentic Wonder Box Custom made by me, I will offer them on Ebay from time to time. Each comes with a copper badge showing it is an authentic Wonder Box, as well as a signed letter of authenticity.

See below of my wonder box in use.

Thank you.

Some videos below using a Wonder Box

A tour deforce of evidence using a Wonder Box Custom
MANY more videos HERE