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E.V.P. at the Aquarium While Alone My local aquarium is about 10 minutes from my house and is small, new and if you go during the week in the morning when they open, it is absolutely empty. I have one here many times (I have an annual pass) to give my cameras that I review a workout for low light and for video, shooting some of the fish. The last three times I shot video for a camera review here I picked up clear as a bell EVP’s. A few are in videos on my YouTube channel somewhere. In any case, I was here again a couple of days ago, reviewing another camera. I shot video of some of the fish and no one was there. I was alone. I went into TWO of the aquariums and in the 2nd one there were some people, two couples came in and […]

Throwback Thursday Videos: EVP Everywhere! All over facebook I see old images posted on “Throwback Thursday” so why not post an older video or two here today, on Thursday? EVP in my bedroom late night after being awoken by a spirit presence Some of you may have seen this 1st video but it is basically a video from November 2012 where I talk about EVP and ghost box and then show you some cool EVP’s that were captured in my bedroom at night after I had the feeling I get when a spirit is present. I remember this like it was yesterday as the EVP was so loud and clear saying “Wait for Debby’s Daughter”. There were more that came in as well, all late night with no one in the house being up. Also some ghost box clips including an example of how spirits put together word to form a […]

When Ghosts Speak (My Name) by Steve Huff This has been happening quite often lately and I must have had about 30+ emails over the past 90 days with people sending me clips of their sessions using Ghost Box, Echovox or even E.V.P. where MY NAME is mentioned in their sessions, many times along with the usual “HELP” message. One example is in the video below. This is someone who did a session with their P-SB7 Spirit Box and my name came up. It is very clear. When he asked if they had a message for me, Steve Huff, their reply was “HELP”. Take a look at the video below for yourself. Again, this is not my video, but from a guy who follows my work. He was a skeptic and wanted to see what all of this was about himself. When he tried it, he realized that there was something […]

Ouija Board Myths. Fact vs Fiction vs Spirit Box Welcome yet again to another post here on Seems to be a busy week here with new posts, many new members in the forum and all kinds of things happening so let us keep it going! Today I wanted to talk about the Ouija Board. Those who know me know how I feel about them, and that is that THEY ARE NOT dangerous in ANY way besides being mentally damaging if you fear it, then it is you who is doing the damage to yourself. This has been proven again and again. Now, I am going by MY personal experience of over 30 years as well as HISTORY, ever since the board was created in July of 1890.  I went over it all in the video below as well as did a quick Joe’s Box session near the end so […]

Snapping the Dead. Post Mortem Photography. by Steve Huff Over the many years that I have been a photographer I have taken hundreds of thousands of photographs. Many of them for my camera review site that I run full-time and others for my own personal memories. I have hard drives filled with photos from the past 20 years from film scans to full on digital. I have taken many photos, but never have I taken photos like you are about to see here in this article. I have taken photos of SPIRITS, but never of a dead body that has already had the soul depart. Over the years I have researched all kinds of photography as well as photographers. Reading a good photo book is something I find quite therapeutic and one subject that I was always amazed and intrigued by (although it used to creep me out) is “Post-Mortem […]

A Ghostly Apparition? Image from The Lost Leaf in Phx, AZ So last night I was out with Debby and we stopped in a very cool little place called “The Lost Leaf” in Phoenix, AZ. It is basically a cool bar set in an old historic house that has live music 365 days per year. Even though I have been in Phoenix for 20 years I have never once been to this location and we really enjoyed it. As I always do, I bring my camera with me everywhere I go as that is my profession. I run one of the largest Camera/Photo blogs on the internet and have been for 6 years now. I know all about cameras, photos and what can cause an anomaly in digital images. Before the band came on we were sitting at a table and I told Debby that I thought it was probably too […]

Did Joe come through my Joe’s Box? You decide. As most of you who follow me know, I love my Joe’s Box. It has given me some jaw dropping responses that are so rich and clear at times it is almost unbelievable. Many view my Joe’s responses and either feel I fake them or that there is some sort of trickery going on. I can assure you that this is NOT the case. What comes out of the box are very real replies from what I believe are spirits ranging from lost souls to even loved ones who stop by from time to time to leave a message. In my Spirit Communication stable I have an Andy’s Box, my Joe’s Box and the Echovox app. Each one is unique and each one will work but I believe strongly that results have more to do with the person operating the device […]

Can we see spirits? My three visual experiences over three years. Many times I get the question..”Can you see a spirit, and if so, have YOU ever seen one”? Well, the answer to that is a big fat YES, you can indeed see them if you open your mind up 100% to receiving that visual message. I was asked this question in the forum here, and answered it there but thought it would make for a cool separate post. So below is my extended account of the three times I actually SAW what it is I communicate with. Enjoy. Visual, this is important and the “Holy Grail” for many who seek out ghosts or evidence, but for me, the times I saw visuals of these spirits were times when I was not even looking for them. Many will find my story hard to believe, and that is understandable because if someone […]

Spirit Talk: The difference between E.V.P. and Ghost Box replies I remember about 10 years ago now, I was on the Queen Mary ship…you know, the one in Long Beach, CA..the one that is supposed to be haunted. I was on the ship for two nights and was there with my family. Brandon was only around 8 and we enjoyed the experience of being on an old creepy cruise ship that had a rich and sometimes morbid history. We took the typical daytime ghost tour on the ship and learned more about the spirits that supposedly haunt the ship. By night #1 we decided we wanted to try to get some EVP so we ran to the local Target and bought a Digital Voice Recorder for $50. We went back to the ship and walked the creepy halls from midnight to 2 A.M. I had the recorder in hand and […]

How to prepare yourself for Spirit Communication (Video) The video below is almost a year old now but with over 1,000 thumbs up on YouTube and only 17 thumbs downs I figured that I should post it here for those who may have missed it! It is basically me talking about how you can prepare yourself for spirit communication, including HOW TO connect with your spirit guide. It is what worked for me, so I think it can work for you as well! If you are someone who wants to get into talking, recording or feeling/sensing spirits, take a look at the video below and get yourself ready by using the tips I give you. They work! Enjoy!  

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