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Re-Visiting the Domes of Casa Grande, AZ A couple of days ago I was bored with not much  to do and my Nephew was here visiting from Indiana. Brandon was here and we sat around trying to think of something to do. I mentioned “we canto to the domes”! About a 90 minute drive from my house and we decided to go for it. I visited the domes once before with Debby and it was pretty un eventful but hey, it was a hot summer day and you never know what may happen, right? So away we went on the 90 minute trek. If you want to read up on the domes and what they are, click here. Me inside the domes last year when I visited Many claim that the domes are haunted but I do not have that opinion at all. While I feel spirits are everywhere and some […]

R.I.P. Frank Sumption. The Inventor of the Spirit Box Leaves Us. August 17th 2014 is a sad day for many of us who are in the field of spirit communication. The inventor of the spirit box, Frank Sumption has passed away of a heart attack in his sleep. Frank and I were not friends, but I always gave credit to him for being the guy who invented the spirit box. Frank was a quirky guy and while we exchanged messages a few times, and did not always see eye to eye, I always respected Frank for what he has accomplished in the field of I.T.C. if it was not for Frank, none of us would be using the various boxes that have been made. The Andy’s Box would not be here. The Mini Box or Joe’s Box or even P-SB7 would not be here. Frank is the guy responsible for […]

Spirit tells me how I will die. Mental questions get answered. Over the years I have recorded a few responses via spirit box (and one via EVP) where they tell me to “speak with my mind and not my mouth”. I believe they speak telepathically and somehow use electricity to form words and phrases. Not sure how it all works, but it does work. One thing I have noticed is that I have been getting progressively better and clearer responses from the other side over the past six months. Clearer voices, direct replies and full phrases coming through. I have proven time and time again that it is impossible to be radio signals and yes, that I am indeed a spirit magnet. How this happened to me is a mystery but I do know I felt compelled to pursue this field with all of my heart and soul. I have been […]

Helping the Dead. Is it possible? New video! The MiniBox Plus spirit box brings in some amazing replies I finally managed to get my hands on a real “MiniBox Plus” spirit box device which is like a standard MiniBox on steroids. It is bigger, has more features and works quite a bit differently than the standard box. The MiniBox plus that I have here is only the AM version (really want an AM/FM) but it manages to pull in some amazing replies. It was sent to me to test out by Tim Woolworth (from and after using it I made him an offer on it to buy it. He did not want to sell but he has two so he decided to take my offer. So now, this box will belong to me. It is not the best box I have ever used or tested but it is up […]

A look and test of the Tesla Spirit Radio Hello to all! Welcome back to the site and a new article all about the spooky and mysterious Tesla Spirit Radio. The Tesla Spirit radio dates back to the days Tesla, as it is his design. In fact, here are some quotes from Tesla about this “Spirit Device”   “My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night.” — Nikola Tesla, 1901 “The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet. There must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me.” — Nikola Tesla, 1918 […]

Testing the Mini Box #151 and Frank’s Box #158 So today I took delivery of two new (to me) spirit boxes. First, a box I have been trying to find for about three years, a Paranormal Systems Mini Box. This is the standard Mini Box, not the Plus (if anyone has a PLUS for sale, let’s talk as I am looking for one) and after a rough start with some major distortion and finding some pieces on the inside that were disconnected and messed up I did a quick repair job and cleaned things up a bit. After I did this the box was clean as a whistle, very smooth. It works different from other boxes, which I like as it is not plagued with the constant static and noise of many Ghost Boxes. It is a hefty unit with a heavy solid brick of a battery inside. It came […]

Group Session #6 video now up! See it here! Here you go! To all who were waiting for the next group session video, here it is below. Group Session #6 took place on July 5th 2014 and there were over 800 of you participating from all over the world. If you are not familiar with them, you can read more about the group sessions HERE. During the night’s session I used 5 different devices for communication. The Andy’s Box Echo Version, the P-SB11 Spirit Box, the Andy’s Box standard, A Radio Shack Hack and more. I also experimented with Dowsing Rods, which was pretty amazing. The most responses came from the Andy’s Echo Version and as always, many of the replies make no sense TO ME, but may make sense to some of you who took part in the session. In the past five group sessions I have had odd things come […]

Group Session night is TONIGHT! July 5th, get prepared to join in! DATE: July 5th 2014 TIME: 10 PM Phoenix, AZ time PRICE: FREE TO ALL! PREP: You must meditate using the instructions below at least 1-2 hours before I start.  WHERE TO CONFIRM YOU ARE JOINING: Here on my Facebook Event Page Hello to all! TONIGHT is GROUP SESSION night! We have over 700 joining in for this one from ALL AROUND THE WORLD! How exciting is that?!? For me, VERY. I am looking forward to the session tonight and I have already begun preparing for it. If you have never joined in on one of my group sessions it is basically something I do once per month in attempts to receive a message from one of your loved ones who has passed, in real-time, while recording the messages and voices that come through. We are on session #6 and in […]

My first test of the new spirit box. The P-SB11 After I arrived home from my road trip vacation with Debby I had a package waiting for me. Well, I had a few packages waiting and one was the new P-SB11 spirit box. Designed by Gary Galka, this is a souped up P-SB7 on steroids with a new shell, a slew of new features and it does appear to pull in many more spirit voices than the P-SB7 ever did. I was lucky to be one of the 1st ten to get one so I plan on many tests with the device. The P-SB11 is 2-3X the size of the P-SB7 and costs about double. Coming in at $149 it is not cheap and is creeping up on the cost of a handmade boutique box like the Andyy’s Box. With that in mind I was anxious to give it a […]

Ghosts of the Queen Mary. EVP’s and more… So last week I was on a sort of vacation with Debby (my fiancée’) and we ended up at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA for the last two days of our road trip. I have been on the ship before and captured EVP’s so it has always been a goal of mine to  get back, especially now, and to check out the hot spots. We arrived on the ship and I was contacted by the ship’s own Paranormal Ambassador, Matt. He not only is a 10 year Paranormal Investigator (his website is HERE)  but also the lead guy for the night investigates on the ship. Three nights per week, on the weekends, he runs a paranormal tour from 11pm-2AM where he takes you to the hot spots and you get to use your own equipment to record EVP’s or do […]

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