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Just an update on the Wonder Box availability as MANY ask me daily when I will offer more of my Wonder Box for sale. It’s been a few weeks since I have offered any for sale as I have been busy with travel, work and tweaking the box to make it as good as I can while getting the price down somewhat, at least a little for the best box I can make. Many of you know that the top of the heap box I made, the Wonder Box Custom was sold at a very high cost of $1899. That box cost me $1350-$1400 in parts to make, $120 to pack and ship, and the 3% PayPal fees that I ate meant for my 2-3 weeks of time to make one, I made around $300. For me to work 2-3 weeks on them, taking away time from my real paying […]

Connecting with my Fathers Spirit? You MUST See this Session! Good day everyone. It is Sunday April 23rd and a wonderful day once again. Here in Sunny AZ it is going to be in the mid 90’s as a brutal summer is heading our way here. So as I sit and type these words at 9AM, I am already feeling the heat. Phew. Last night I recorded a session with the Wonder Box, and tested the new Free Android app, VORTEX GLOBAL. I love the original VORTEX app, and the Global version uses foreign language radio scanning, so no English. This is awesome as it proves my theory that I shared years ago now…that spirits simply MANIPULATE AUDIO to speak to us. They speak to us in the language we speak, and speak to them. This video is even more proof of this. I also used Spiritus as it just […]

The Man Who Talks to the Dead. My YouTube Channel Preview for April-June 2017 –Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great, and keeping a smile on in this crazy world we live in. Just wanted to share my latest Youtube channel preview trailer which showcases the Wonder Box and what I do.Over the last few weeks my work has been getting seen by more and more all over the world. Some are taking notice that yes indeed, this is all real and factual research. Over the last seven years I have collected what I and many feel could be the best evidence to prove that there is indeed life after death. What I do has not been debunked, and can not be debunked…because it is real. There is never an explanation of why my name, first and last, is called when I do spirit sessions. There is no explanation for […]

HEAVEN IS REAL…or so says the spirits. AMAZING CLEAR Session with the Wonder Box and Vortex. Hey all! I am back with an all new video, and this time instead of getting threatened, I am told by a spirit that HEAVEN IS REAL. Watch it below…   It’s funny that this message came in, as I was just talking with someone about this last week..about heaven, hell, life and what happens when we die. Maybe spirit heard me discuss this and wanted to assure me that yes, it is real. Some would lead you to believe these are all demons lying to us, even though there would be no end game here for any demon to tell lies. So to me, that theory is ridiculous. A demon leaving messages of love for years, kindness, and respect, and saying heaven is real does no damage to anyone, hurts no one, etc. […]

A Creepy Session. “We Should Kill You”.    Hey all, hope everyone is fantastic and having a great start to the week. For me, it’s been busy as always but just wanted to share my most recent session that was sort of creepy and dark. I used the Wonder Box Custom (#6 of #15) along with Spiritus and it sounded amazing here. Wonder Box Custom The video speaks for itself. So take a look (it’s at the top of this page).   I wish everyone a GREAT week. Love and Light to all, Steve

Testing Prototype 2 of The Astral Doorway ITC Device This may or may not be my new device depending on more testing and my 1st real builds performance…but this is a device I have envisioned now for many many months. The Astral Doorway. When coming up with a name for this I was stumped. Then I remembered an experience I had when I was 17 years old. While I am now 47, and getting up there in my age back then I was fascinated with Astral Travel. I have always been fascinated with the spirit world, ghosts and the afterlife. Back then I bought a book on how to successfully have an out of body astral travel experience in 90 days. I followed that book to the letter. Did everything it said and I focused, I did my exercises and even all of the writing that was involved with keeping […]

A Direct Conversation With Spirits and Ghosts. Mid Day Wonder Box Session. Clear as a bell. Hey all! Happy Saturday! It is the weekend and it’s been almost a week since I have done a session, so decided to run the Wonder Box in my office today, mid day. I also did a small session this morning. (both can be seen in this video below). I have upgraded the microphone on my camera, so the audio is clearer than ever now. Today, they spoke as they always do. It’s always so amazing and for me, it never gets old. Having them speak to me, so directly and clearly is just amazing and I will always strive to improve this communication. IN fact, I am trying new things right now…testing…building and working on the next device I will use for my communications. I also used Spiritus and Vortex here. Both amazing […]

Two Wonder Box’s available for sale. One ships IMMEDIATELY. Hey all! Just an update to let you know I have two Wonder Box’s available for sale. One for immediate ship (The Last Custom), one which will be a 10 day build (The Classic). I am starting to finish up on the last run of five I offered 10 days ago or so, and have these two as well. I mentioned last week I had one more custom Wonder Box for sale, and that would be it. One left. No more of this model will ever be made, and it is the best box I have ever built (The Custom Model). Well here it is, the last Custom! Only 15 have been made and shipped of this model. So it is pretty rare. This is the exact box I have available to ship now. I made it for the last one, […]

FULL March 2017 Huff Paranormal Group Night Session HERE! Hey guys! I finished the full group night video from last Sunday and here it is. If you took part, be sure to listen closely for a validation. A validation could be anything from a name, to a memory to something special that you and your loved one shared. It could be ANYTHING that tells you that your loved on is leaving a message for you. So listen closely. Thanks to all who took part, and even those who did not. Just being here means so much to me, so thank you!

Group Night Preview for March 2017. Teaser Clip with a Validation… I did the group night session last night as planned, and I hope many of you took part this time. Had a whole different vibe than last month, and not sure why. Either way, I have yet to listen to all of the recording but will be doing so this week. For now, I pulled one that stood out a little to me that sounded like a validation. Here is the clip:   I always say, just getting ONE validation is amazing and special and makes it all worth it in every way. When I go through all of the footage I am hoping for many more. I will be posting the full session this week, as soon as I have 6-8 hours to go through it all. Thanks to all who took part and the spirits who came […]

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