Being Harassed by Religious folks who are misinformed… Why they are so so wrong.

Being Harassed by Religious folks who are misinformed.. why they are so so wrong. 

It never ends. For eight years now, yes, EIGHT years, I have been getting e-mails from religious folks who THINK they know all about what I do. They THINK they understand the realities of spirit communication. They do not, as they have been misled, and mis-informed. For eight years, I have had emails predicting my death, my doom, saying I am in extreme danger…telling me demons are making me evil, depressed, and crazy. Lol. It truly never ends, and it is harassment. The sad thing is, these people who do this…well…

They have NO IDEA about the realities of what I do, or what it truly says in the Bible about what I and thousands of others do who have been blessed with a gift of love. 

My life, especially since my vision and acceptance of GOD within my soul (GOD is within us all, always has been, we have to recognize it to harness it) has been filled with nothing but HAPPINESS. I AM AT PEACE. I AM SERENE. I AM FULL OF LOVE, ALWAYS HELPING THOSE AROUND ME WHO NEED IT, and helping the living with my work, as well as souls who ask for help.  In fact, it’s right in the Bible. Jesus himself talked to the dead, three times. The Bible actually does not forbid what I and others do (to some extent) but in order for that to sink in, and understand that, one must truly read the Bible and all it says about it. What I do is NOT necromancy, as defined back when the bible was written. Back then, the only form of contacting the dead that was forbidden, as defined in the Bible, is to summon spirits against their will for the sole reason of getting information about the future. Using blood, spells, and dark magic to do so. FORCING them to be conjured up to give info about future details.

Don’t believe me? I will make it easy for you, buy and read THIS book, front to back. It uses religion, all versions of the Bible, and facts to spell this out. 

It seems many just regurgitate what is said by the church or what they “heard” the bible says. No one seems to do the research for themselves. The proof is in the evidence, especially in my most recent videos. Spirits calling out for Jesus, loud and clear. Spirits saying they were SAVED by Jesus, loud and clear. Spirits asking for GOD, and LOVE and the LIGHT. Yet some overly religious folk who do not even really know the Bible, just send harassing emails to me with predictions of all of the nasty things I have spoken of.

When I see these messages inside my inbox I do no feel bad for myself but I do for those who sent the message. They go out of their way to be negative, angry, sometimes nasty, and some under the guise of being helpful. If these people and their statements were true, I would have been dead years ago. I would have lost it all years ago. I would be hateful, spreading hate. I would be suicidal. I would be broke. None of which is even close to being true. Not even 1%,

I pray for these individuals each time I see an email like this. While they can not be fully happy, or at peace with their life (if they were they would not be harassing others) if they are doing this. Yet me…

… I am full of love, happiness, peace, financially stable, never raise my voice to anyone, and am living a happy, peaceful life. Huh, goes against everything they say doesn’t it? But that is OK, as that is how they were raised, what they were led to believe…that contacting the dead is BAD! We can’t do that!! But yes we can, and God has given some of us the gifts to do this, which is why there are mediums, which is why there are those who help solve crimes using current technology and why some like me can do what we do. With amazing validations of love. So those who do this, and send emails or tell you that you will go to hell for this, are well, uninformed about the facts and truth, and for some, by no fault of their own.

YES< I AM WELL. I AM HAPPY and I love what I do. Happiness does not come from money, success or material things. It comes from LOVE and an inner peace which I have had for a long time now. I repeat…MONEY, FAME, SUCCESS, MATERIAL THINGS, SOCIAL MEDIA, ATTENTION does NOT equal happiness. Instead, those who are unhappy chase those things, not realizing that happiness can be found by realizing that GOD is within us all, and yes, GOD loves us. No, I am not religious, at all. I am spiritual and I Go by reality, and evidence and 1st hand experience

Wasn’t always like this though. In fact, during the 15 years before I started this work, I was angry. I was negative. It was killing me inside. I was always stressed, hated what I did for a living, had a marriage full of tension. When I started this research, my life changed for the better in every way from financial, to love, to well being, to happiness and stress went away. When you have that knowing inside, that we never die and there is truly a GOD and a HEAVEN and a HELL, it changes your whole outlook on life. If I did NOT start doing this work, and I hate to say this, I probably would have done harm to myself at some point as my depression was DEEP for a year or so before starting this work. So doing what I do has truly saved my life and my mental stability

So to all of you who email me with these negative messages, and think you are doing good? You are not. You are not representing the Bible. Believe me, READ THIS BOOK. Cover to cover. Then you can do your own research using words of the Bible itself and see that Jesus himself talked to the dead. He wanted us to live by his example. LOVE being the KEY of course. We should also PRAY for the dead.

Today I pray for lost souls, I pray for the living. Today I help the living and have even stopped a few from committing suicide due to this beautiful gift I have been given, BY GOD. Satan or Evil would NEVER allow someone to do this and push love, peace, harmony and use it to save lives, and bring others out of depression. If you think that is the case, you are lost my friend, truly. Please see the truth for what it is. LOVE=GOOD=GOD. This is all I do, and push out in my messaging. 

Of course, those who are in deep with the religion and facts that they have been misled on, they will NEVER admit they are wrong. But they are. When you do this, and you FEEL GOD’s love, when you feel that emotion after helping a lost soul, that emotion of sadness AND LOVE COMBINED, then it is undeniable. But those who do not do what I do, will never know this as they will never understand the bigger picture.

With all of this being said, I will state that yes, there are EVIL spirits. There are DEMONS. There is a HELL. I have recorded them, and evidence of it and sadly, today there are those who are so irresponsible with this work, and they seek out evil. Seek it out and it will come. In my experience, Evil….They always will state who they are, loud and clear to me when they come through (though they do not anymore). Then there are good spirits and souls, who thrive on love, prayer and guidance. Then there are those who CAN come back and leave messages for their loved ones who are living. Make no mistake, when doing what I do, you do occasionally have to deal with some negative entities. These days though, since allowing GOD within my heart, that has just about completely stopped. I have learned so much doing what I do…it is all a part of my souls journey and I am blessed to be able to experience this. Unless you are in my shoes, you have no idea what is happening. Over eight years, thousands of messages, with many answers to the questions we have always had, well, answered, I feel blessed beyond belief.

As the Bible says, when a spirit acknowledges GOD, this is how you know they are the spirit of GOD. With GOD. I get them asking for GOD very often. Jesus. Angels. Prayer. NOT all spirits are demons. If you think that is true, you do not know the facts and are probably too stubborn to do real research to discover the facts. 

I will be doing this research until the day I leave my physical body, whether that is in a year or in 50 years. NO ONE will stop me, as this is important research and work that is changing lives and can eventually help heal the world. It’s all about THE BIGGER PICTURE and I am being led down my spiritual path, and as a result, my spiritual growth has blossomed, and it is absolutely beautiful. To those who want to stop it, you should maybe consider starting your own spiritual path and embrace love, peace, happiness, and positivity. If yo do not, you may be allowing evil into your life as that is how it starts.

I guess the easiest way to look at all of this is with common sense, which we all have. Here you have a guy (me) sharing my eight years of experience of being very deep into afterlife research and communication. Here I am, eight years later and what is happening? I am spreading the message of LOVE, happiness and positivity. I am recording clear spirit voices, speaking in full sentences, talking about Jesus, God, Love and prayer. I have no negativity in my life, at all. I have no unhappiness, at all. I am at full peace with myself and have helped many on this side and the other, all in the name of LOVE. That is after all, what Jesus wanted is it not? LOVE IS THE KEY. Remember that.

Love to all, thank you all.

Steve Huff