A Wonder Box Spirit Session for Angry Grandpa (Charles Green) by request of Michael Green.

A Wonder Box Spirit Session for Angry Grandpa (Charles Green) by request of Michael Green.

KidBehindACamera (Michael Green) on Youtube has been kind to me. He is a guy with a HUGELY popular YouTube channel, and has given me shout outs in the past which brought some new viewers to my channel. For that I am grateful. Last week, his Father, The Angry Grandpa (Charles Green Jr) passed away and Michael reached out to me to see if I could do a session for The Angry Grandpa. With over 3.5 million subscribers on his Channel, The Angry Grandpa was VERY popular and well loved all over the world. Usually I do not do one on one sessions, nor do I usually do requests like this (because I get thousands of requests over a year and if I did one, I would feel like I had to do them all, which would be impossible). But for this one, as a THANK YOU to Michael, I felt I owed it to him for his generosity towards me with his mentions of me.

So I woke up today and felt I should do a session, where I try to reach Charles Green.

I used my Wonder Box, and the new SWEEP Ghost box app from Keith Weldon. (On iOS or Android) as well as my direct line reverse mode using Charle’s own voice.

I felt we had a connection for a short time, but I had no idea if I did connect as these things can be tricky. Upon uploading the video to YouTube, Michael commented right away saying he heard things said that Charles NEVER said on camera, and for him, added some validation. THAT is what it is all about. If I can bring even ONE validation, and in a mode where it would be impossible to get ANY forward speech, to me, that is incredible and special.

It’s an interesting session for sure, and I was happy to attempt this for Michael and Charles. The session is below. I want to wish Michael and his family peace, love and want them to know, without question, that our souls do live on, and do go on..forever. We NEVER truly die.