Spend the day with me for spirit sessions and fun..NEW 20 MIN VIDEO!

Spend the day with me for spirit sessions and fun..NEW 20 MIN VIDEO!

A new video! I have been traveling for the last 1-2 weeks and it has been tough to keep in schedule for releasing new videos! My camera work has been keeping me busy (stevehuffphoto.com) but the good news is that this week Debby and I are embarking on a short road trip to Northern California to meet up with the CHILLSEEKERS yet again to investigate Preston Castle! Woohoo! Yep, a new location video will be shot by me this weekend, so expect the video soon after. But for now, a new video from this past weekend as I share most of my day with you from Saturday, May 20th 2017. A few sessions here as well, so enjoy! I asked my YouTube followers if they wanted more long form videos and that seems to be what many want to see, so this one clocks in at 20 minutes.

I decided I will do these types of videos sometimes and also location videos along with shorter videos here and there if I get something amazing. So be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE to keep up to date!

It’s now Monday so hope you all have had a great weekend! I am hoping this is a great week ; )

Check out the video below. I used my Wonder Box and SCD-2 for this one, as it has been giving me the most validations lately and there are MANY here in this one, things that just can not be denied but we are past that, and have been for over a year. These days my newest goals to are to try to find ways to HOLD ON to the same spirit for longer conversational sessions. So I am always working on new ideas and testing them…stay tuned!

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