The Man Who Talks to the Dead. My YouTube Channel Preview for April-June 2017

The Man Who Talks to the Dead. My YouTube Channel Preview for April-June 2017

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great, and keeping a smile on in this crazy world we live in. Just wanted to share my latest Youtube channel preview trailer which showcases the Wonder Box and what I do.Over the last few weeks my work has been getting seen by more and more all over the world. Some are taking notice that yes indeed, this is all real and factual research. Over the last seven years I have collected what I and many feel could be the best evidence to prove that there is indeed life after death.¬†What I do has not been debunked, and can not be debunked…because it is real.

There is never an explanation of why my name, first and last, is called when I do spirit sessions. There is no explanation for the hundreds, off not thousands of messages with voices begging me for help, there is no explanation that voices can turn from reverse speech to normal speech and answer a question, there is no explanation of how these voices come through so loud, clear and direct to answer me. There is no explanation of how my Wonder Box worked with spirit replies even when not using an app or radio. Yes, I have reached that level of communication, and I owe it all to my Portal and Wonder Box.

Today, many make spirit boxes and enhancers using the tech from the Portal…because it works. In fact, the apps and boxes that work best all use the portal concept. To me, that is amazing and instead of being upset that others copied my original portal, I embrace it and welcome it as I would love for someone to find a way to take it further, and I know it will happen. I already did with the Wonder Box, which has been blowing my mind after some recent tweaks and tests of new ideas. I always add things to it and test out new ideas, always looking for ways to make it clearer, and more direct.

My ultimate goal has been to create a telephone call to the other side, and I am probably 60% there.

So enjoy this new preview and always keep an eye on me and my work as I am hoping to push it as far as I can over the next few years.

Thank you all for your support and love!