Two Wonder Box’s available for sale. One ships IMMEDIATELY, the LAST Custom!


Two Wonder Box’s available for sale. One ships IMMEDIATELY.

Hey all! Just an update to let you know I have two Wonder Box’s available for sale. One for immediate ship (The Last Custom), one which will be a 10 day build (The Classic). I am starting to finish up on the last run of five I offered 10 days ago or so, and have these two as well.

I mentioned last week I had one more custom Wonder Box for sale, and that would be it. One left. No more of this model will ever be made, and it is the best box I have ever built (The Custom Model). Well here it is, the last Custom! Only 15 have been made and shipped of this model. So it is pretty rare.

This is the exact box I have available to ship now. I made it for the last one, and it comes with a signed cert of authenticity and copper badge showing it is an authentic Wonder Box Custom. 

This one includes the high current amp, orgone generator, amethyst crystal, magnetic energy inside, attached 8 hour battery, human energy antenna, reverb with pulse control, direct line reverse mode, Voice Control V4, Premium Noise Reduction, custom made front wooden grille extension, high end audio analyzer, custom large feet, triple clear coat paint, premium cables, all settings for reverb, direct line and Voice Control are locked in. 

A Recent Video using a Custom


This is a premium ITC device. Probably the most premium ITC device made, in the world today. As seen in my recent videos. I have this one available, all done, and it is the last one that will ever be made of this model. This model costs mea fortune to make in parts and costs me $100-$160 to pack and ship and I eat the 3% PayPal fee when someone buys it. It took me 3 weeks to make.

This WB custom is for sale, for immediate ship for $1899 shipped. It will come with a demo video to the new owner, and a certificate of authenticity showing you have a authentic Huff Wonder Box. You will also get a copper badge on the box showing it is an authentic Wonder Box. PayPal only, USA only. I recommend this to those with experience in ITC/Spirit Communication.

I also have a CLASSIC available. Only one, as it is my last amp (the heart of the box) – first come, first serve. 

I bought a bunch of amps in October of 2016, and have one left. So I am offering one classic for sale right now as well. This one uses the parts of the original Wonder Box, as seen on Paranormal Lockdown. But it has an all new design that looks beautiful in person. This one has black copper paint, clear coat finish, reverb with my custom settings locked in, and direct line mode with my custom settings. It has noise reduction as well for use with radios like P-SB7 or hack radios. You can see more info HERE. 

The Classic sells for $950 shipped, and takes 10 days to make. After these two are gone, not sure if I will offer more of these or when, as I will be out of amps.

So these two are available now! If you are interested in either email me at  – but know I can not hold them. Email if you are ready to go with a purchase. 

Of course, if you want something cheaper, you can make your own PORTAL device or MINI portal. Just see here for the PORTAL and here for the MINI. The portals are much easier to make, much more basic and use less parts as well. They will give you a basic communication enhancer that will take your sessions up a notch. Many use Portals, all over the world today in their investigations and sessions. ; ) While the Wonder Box is loaded with much more to help spirit communicate as well as looking beautiful, the original Portal is still fantastic.