Group Night Feb 2017 TEASER…loads of validations

Group Night Feb 2017 TEASER…loads of validations

Just finished Group Night for Feb 19th 2017. I do these monthly, and started up again in Jan of this year after taking many months off of them. While I have done these for years now as “experimental” sessions to try to connect with YOUR loved ones (those who follow the instructions and participate) as of tonight I am changing that description from “experimental” to “I think we are there”.

tonight’s session was electric for me. The energy was high, it was ALL positive and full of love and it was also emotional for me. Names were being said, validations, talk of Mothers, and Sons and just wow.

I have only listened back to the 1st 15 minutes or so and what you will see here in this video are only some of the responses. (excuse the typos..again..I was tired and still am).

My back room went from the negative energy that has been there for weeks to a room full of light, love and the warmth of kind spirits who flooded it. It was amazing for me to hear some of what came in. The combo of the Wonder Box, my connection I have been working so hard on improving even more and the new MINIBOX app (that is a match made in heaven with the Wonder Box, at least for me) has been impressing me like nothing else before it.

The full group night will be up this week but I have to say, it is sessions like these, that are done for others and to help others (all at no cost, always free) makes all of the BS I deal with in this field worth it and then some. I always have validation and I would be happy, and there have been times we have had only one. Some nights we have 10-15 but tonight was the most direct  I have ever had when it comes to these group nights.

I will be continuing my focus on these sessions every month, and each month there will be a group session night. If you missed this one, I posted all about it HERE a few days ago. So bookmark this page and like my Facebook page and Subscribe to my YouTube as I will announce the March group night soon, and those are the places where you will hear the details.

The teaser for tonights session is here, full session this week: