A more affordable Wonder Box “Classic” now for sale!

A more affordable Wonder Box “Classic” now for sale at $899 SHIPPED!

My fully featured and loaded Wonder Box plus and custom is expensive to make, and to sell. (They sell for $1499-$1899) Those models are loaded with everything I know that helps spirits to communicate and is what I have been using now for my last 20 videos or so. But a year ago I was using a normal “Wonder Box”..when it was more simple, and less complex to make and use. Many have been asking  me to offer a less expensive option for a box, so here it is.

While my top end “Plus” and “CUSTOM”  model will sound the clearest and give spirits more of what they need to come through, the Classic also did amazing, and in fact is what Nick Groff has used through Season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown.

I have now “re-imagined” the look of the classic and came up with a beautiful design with a custom-made wooden front grille and it sill has custom paint in a “black copper” color as well as the old Classic customized Reverb, custom Direct Line reverse and of course single stage Noise reduction. No clear coat, no fancy details..but hey, it works and I am making it, the guy who invented the Portal and Wonder Box. 😉

I realized I can make these classic for much less than the Plus or Custom (uses almost all different parts), and could even offer them at about 35% less than the “PLUS” model and 50% less than the CUSTOM.

Pictured above is the 1st new re-imagined “Classic” I made. That one is already shipped to the new owner.

So if you do not want or need the full on PLUS model or Custom then this classic Wonder Box may be just what you are looking for. It still will enhance any good app or spirit radio with a clarity and a much higher response rate than apps or radio on their own.

The NEW Wonder Box Classic includes:

High Power Amp and Speaker, Reverb loaded with my custom ITC reverb settings, My custom direct line reverse mode, single stage noise reduction, Custom Wooden Grille, Copper and Lights, Basic single strand Human Transfer Energy Antenna, 8 Hour battery on the device, and “black copper” paint.

Compared to the PLUS we lose the “Ultimate Reverb with Pulse”, the Dual Orgone Generators, Voice Control Feature, Amethyst Crystals, Larger metal Handle, Magnetic Energy inside, Custom triple clear coat and paint, and the high quality cables. The biggest feature of the plus is the reverb which offers a clearer and larger sound which also helps with sentence length (longer). But the Classic is no slouch. 

In fact, this Wonder Box classic is what I used on Paranormal Lockdown, but now with new cosmetics. I can sell these for $899 SHIPPED as the parts are cheaper and they will not be as intensive to make, so it will take me less time.

If you are interested in the Classic, EMAIL ME at Stevehuff2017@gmail.com – I HAVE ONE LEFT TO ORDER.

No matter what model you buy, each customer gets a personalized video with a tutorial using their box when it is completed a day before shipping out. ; )

Thanks to all,


CLASSIC – $899 shipped.  USA only. 


CUSTOM – ONE AVAILABLE TO ORDER – $1899 SHIPPED. I rarely offer these for sale.