If you only watch one of my videos, make it this one…



If you only watch one of my videos, make it this one…

Lately, ever since creating the Wonder Box, I have been getting more and more serious communication and some of it has been really making me think long and hard as it is getting “very real”, about as real as it can get.

Using Matt Paynes, FREE Divination Box app, which I feel is a perfect mate to the wonder box, I am getting full on conversational type communication. No noise, no scanning, no modulation over the voice and to top it off, all audio comes out of this app in REVERSE, backwards human speech. This means if we get clear direct answers to our questions, in real-time, then it can not be explained away as anything but PARANORMAL.

The video below is going to show you the most incredible spirit communication I have ever received in my life and to be honest, I have never seen ANY communication efforts with this clarity, this directness and with this energy (that I feel when recording).

As I say in the video, this is not a joke, it is not fake and it is not a game. This is true, serious ITC research and I wonder if I am getting in to deep? They say they want me with them to help. Do they mean they want me to die and join them? Do they mean they want me to continue to try to help them? They did mention the mountains, and I have mountains all around me (I live in AZ near mountains).

I was nervous at 1st, then realized they could just mean they chose me to help with the light. Even so, that is getting into some serious stuff. I may take a week or two off of sessions to ponder this and decided if I want to go all in, or take a step back for a while.

I already know I will end up going full steam ahead, as this work, this research is in my blood. I do not think I could stop if I wanted to.

IN any case, enjoy this video. It is quite incredible.

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