ETHEREAL IS HERE. The new ITC Software aimed at love and light

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ETHEREAL IS HERE. The new ITC Software aimed at love and light

A few months ago I approached Anthony Sanchez at about creating one final app for me. I felt that in this day and age what was lacking in the ITC field was an ITC tool aimed at LOVE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY and HELPING SPIRITS.



I had no idea if my concept, idea and way to implement the software to allow clear, concise spirit replies would work. But we gave it a shot and from the first beta test, I knew in my heart that we accomplished the goal. It is INCREDIBLE when a connection is established.

This is software for the WINDOWS platform. It will not work on ANDROID or iOS as it is not a phone “app”. It is a serious piece of software with tech loaded in that just can not be implemented on Android or iOS at this time. So Anthony, and I feel that Windows makes the best platform for ITC tools (as do a few others who use windows as their development platform).

If you are looking for an inexpensive windows device to run this, check this out.

I’m not a windows guy but do own a Surface 3 that I use for all of my GHA software.

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With Ethereal, we basically created a tool that really can connect you to the other side, in a positive way (but nasty ones STILL can get in, and might). With angelic music and voices that pop in out of nowhere, even with long pauses in between (as I did not want any kind of continuous scanning app)  – spirits do use this tool, for me at least, to speak.

Over the past two weeks I have done cross over sessions, tests and direct reply tests and as  the spirits started to learn the software, it was getting more and more intense.

Keep in mind, I have been connecting with spirit for many many years now, almost on a daily basis. They know me, they trust me and they talk to me EVERY SINGLE TIME, no matter what ITC tool I use. So my results with Etheral does not mean you will get the same results when you first start using it.

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If  you are someone who already does this work, when used correctly, Ethereal, SCD-1, IB-1 and other GHA apps will bring you communication. If you are new, it can take some time and effort on your part to gain the trust of the spirit world.

This is a  tool, like the Impossible Box, that you can grow with. As your connection increases, so will your replies.

Just make sure each session is recorded, your intent is good when using it, and respect the spirits at all times. You will hear 85% of replies at playback (I record ONLY to video and use NO audio editing software). What you hear in my videos is what you get. What came out in real-time.

In any case, I am really enjoying ETHEREAL. I also asked Anthony to offer it at $29.99 instead of $49.99 and to pay me NOTHING from this one, ever. This way, you guys get a price break of $20.

Enjoy and let me know how your session go with ETHEREAL  😉

Ethereal is available NOW at RIGHT HERE!