YES! Thanks to all of you, my YouTube Channel with all of my 270+ videos with true spirit communication from over the past few years has surpassed over 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS! THIS IS HUGE for someone who makes real Paranormal Spirit communication videos. It’s very hard in this field to get followers who like what you do enough to hit that SUBSCRIBE button, but you guys did and for that I am thanking you by giving away a $600 PORTAL made by me to ONE lucky winner.


The Portal has proven itself over and over with the now over 130 users (that I am aware of, may be more) all over the world who have made their own by using my interactions here on this very web site. I never sold and never will sell this but I did come up with the idea and spent thousands on finding the parts that truly worked the best.

Many use the Portal in their investigations with astounding results. It has even been on the news with an awesome live reply to the reporter. The portal is the real deal and will ENHANCE spirit replies by 100X at times with almost any app, software or spirit box plugged into it.

It takes away the static, noise, gibberish, sound effects and things that are not needed or wanted by spirits to come through. It gives them what they want and need for maximum response and clarity.

The only negative about the Portal is the cost to make one correctly (and many try to skimp on parts, then complain to me when it doesn’t sound like mine) – The only way to make a real portal is to use the correct parts as outlined on the HOW TO page.

If you use cheaper parts or pedals, it will not work correctly. But then again, that would not be a portal.

I use mine nearly 100% of the time with the SCD-1, IB-1, Vocibus and even a P-SB7. The Vocibus is amazing with the portal and has allowed me almost full conversations when I have a strong connection.

So the portal is a stunning achievement in the ITC world. Those who have one and have made it with the right parts LOVE it and swear by it. Even the spirits call it by name on a regular basis. In fact, the spirit messages is what led me to create it as they told me they did not need the “NOISE” and loved the “REVERB”. When asked if the noise helped them, they say NO. When asked if Reverb helps they have said “YES” many times.

So the portal came from them more than me which may explain why it works so well.

The good news is I AM GIVING A BRAND NEW PORTAL BUILD AWAY TO ONE OF YOU! To enter, all you have to do is click HERE to go to YouTube and watch the video posted there, then leave a comment. That is all. ONLY ONE COMMENT though!

IN less than 2 weeks I will use a random number generator to pick a winner. If there are 3000 comments, your chance will be 1 in 3000.

See the video below, but be sure to comment on the YOUTUBE Page for it HERE.

THANK YOU ALL!!! Also, be sure to watch the video below if you want to see an Awesome portal session with the Vocibus! It is an explanation of why the parts of the portal are important and to stick with them if making one. 
OH and if you are NOT a subscriber of my YouTube channel, and like what I do, be sure to subscribe HERE! THANK YOU! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!