Amazing Spirit Communication Compilation. Quite Incredible.

Amazing Spirit Communication Compilation. Quite Incredible.

Last night I was going through some clips on my hard drive and thought to myself…WOW, some of these are absolutely astonishing and yes, all are 100% real ITC work using various software programs, apps and physical boxes. I decided to take some of these clips and put them in one crystal clear 18 minute video showing that yes, spirit communication in 2016 is VERY real and VERY clear compared to what it was just 2-3 years ago. It’s a very special thing and with todays tools giving the spirits MORE of what they need to come through, it is only a matter of  time before someone takes it even further.

But take a look below at the video of some of my fave clips of 2015. I will be making a part 2 and 3 version of this with even more, SOON…


These days, after many  years of doing this work, and having the LARGEST independent YouTube channel for this field at 100k followers/subscribers +, 140k followers on facebook and thousands who visit this site every week, I have narrowed my ITC kit to the best software and physical boxes I have found.

These days I use the Impossible Box, the SCD-1, the Vocibus and GB-REALM in the software world as I have found these tools to be some of the best today for real spirit communication work (as you will see in the video below). Of course there are many software apps out there for ITC work, so use whatever you are drawn to and enjoy the most for YOU.

As for physical boxes, today in 2016 there is only one man I trust in the world of sprit box making and that is Mr. George Brown. George makes, hands down, the BEST physical Spirit Box that I have ever used or owned, and everyone I know who owns one, agrees with me on that. My new GeoBox Afterlight Edition will be in soon, and its a beauty. Somehow, George has found a way to make a box that allows ONLY spirit voices to come through. It’s quite amazing. No click click click, no white noise, no radio bursts…I own two other GeoBox’s, #III and the 1st Huff Paranormal Edition. Looking forward to receiving the all new design as shown below VERY SOON.

The all new GeoBox, Afterlight Edition  – A BEAUTY hand made by George. (Afterlight Paranorma Edition- see his YouTube here as he uses most of the same techniques as I do with amazing results)


So while I use these tools I also use my classic and very rare JOE’S BOX which is nearly impossible to find. The last one I saw online for sale sold for over $2000. Only a few remain in the world, and to me, it is the 2nd best box ever made, under the GeoBox and was designed and created by Joe Cioppi who is no longer with us. I adore and treasure my Joe’s Box and it gives a totally different communication experience over ANY other box that has ever been made. Super clear, no real static or clicks…just as it should be.

I have many Joe’s Box videos on my YouTube channel but here is the most recent:


For 2016 I plan on pushing forward even more to work with as many as I can in the field, all across the country as well as release “FINDING THE LIGHT” the documentary I made with H.O.P.E. Paranormal (It’s in Editing now) which will be released for Television.

I plan on working on new ITC tools, creating educational videos as well as bringing back group nights and of course many more on locations sessions and research. It’s going to be another breakthrough year for ITC work and I am just happy that I have aligned myself with the best, smartest, most positive people in the field to work with. Most of whom hang out at THE ITC COLLECTIVE on Facebook. If you missed that group, be sure to check it out HERE. 

So after many years in to this I could not be happier in life. I am at peace with everything life has to offer. I have no complaints, I am healthy as can be, I liove stress free and with the love of my life. Happiness is good so what i always say to EVERYONE is BE KIND, BE GENEROUS, BE LOVING and care for all living things on this earth. When you do this, you will in turn attract the same and life will be good.

Check back here soon for a new on location session for my 100,000 YouTube subscriber celebration and Portal Giveaway!