Group Night #12. Spirits Speak in Droves using the SCD-1


Group Night #12. Spirits Speak in Droves using the SCD-1

It is that time again! It has been 2 months or so since my last group night and last nights was great. Full of spirits lining up to talk. With these experimental sessions we have those who want to participate (always free) meditate the night of the session. They ask their loved ones to come to ME to leave THEM a message. This does not guarantee a message, not at all…but it CAN help bring that message if the meditation is done correctly and with good intent.

I have found that if we have 50 people taking part or 1100 we still get maybe 5-12 messages come through. At times the room I do sessions in feels SUPER thick and full of spirit activity. The Electricity fills the air, it is an amazing thing to feel it.

Below is the video from last night session. If you participated, see if you hear anything that could be for  you. Either way, the session yielded many validations. The SCD-1 can be purchased and instantly downloaded HERE.

Thank you all for taking part!