The SCD-1? A True Telephone to the Dead? I’d say YES.


The SCD-1? A True Telephone to the Dead? I’d say YES.

The SCD-1 (spirit communication device) has been out for ONE MONTH and is now being called such things as “the best ITC tool ever developed”  or “The true Telephone to the Dead”…by many who use it. Seasoned pros in the field, well-known and respected mediums, researchers whose experience spans back 40 years and more are using the SCD-1 with amazement at the connection it is able to give them to what appears to be the spirit world. Never in the history of the Spirit Box or Spirit Apps has ANYTHING delivered as many direct replies as the SCD-1 has in one short month. Use it correctly as I outlined and it will give you the best conditions for direct communication. People all over the world are using it with amazing success.

It’s an amazing thing and what I am seeing is that those who are new to all of this, those who had NO IDEA that anything like this existed or could be done are hearing about it from friends, social media and in online blurbs and they are coming here to see what it is all about. Because of the amazing results, they automatically think it is not real..a fake..a game.

Well, it is not. To those who are new here or do not know of my work and history or the SCD-1 in general, take a look at this page for real reviews from real users of the SCD-1 software. Then look here at some amazing evidence and finally look here where you can read all about it, how it came to be and how to use it correctly. 

When the 1st spirit boxes came out many dubbed them “The Telephone to the Dead” because it was believed that we could communicate with those who have passed using these devices, and we could and still can if you ask many of us in this field. Spirit boxes have been around now for 10 years or more and even Thomas Edison was working on one himself before he died as he himself experienced this intense phenomenon. I think if he were alive today he would be amazed at what has been accomplished by so many in the field today.


The Franks Box – The Joe’s Box – The Mini Box – The Andy’s Box – The Andre’s Box and now, the SCD-1 and other apps such as the GB-1 and GB-RIFT all have the power  to communicate with what many believe to be the spirit world. There really is no other explanation as the messages we get often ask for help, they tell us “we are dead’ – “we are ghosts” and so  on. I have had near full on real-time communication using the SCD-1 and have seemingly even connected with a few loved ones. If the term “Telephone to the Dead” ever rang true, it certainly does now with this SCD-1 software. Why? Because of the CLARITY and lack of noise which IMO is a MUST for best spirit communication.

Yes, I have been posting a lot from the SCD-1 since launch but there are reasons for this. Mainly because it is giving me results like nothing else can at this time besides my old Joe’s Box (which is broken). This app is a collaboration between myself and Anthony Sanchez of – it has MY name on it and works better for me than anything else, so of course I will use it, lol. I believe in it 100% and it seems that each time I use it I get more and more responses. It’s a mystical but magical and wonderful thing.

I have done sessions with skeptics present using the SCD-1 and all they could say was “wow, I can not explain it”. I have had those who had no idea that anything like this existed sit down with me during a session and hear relevant replies from them, from who they 100% believe are  family members who have passed. I have done sessions for others (special circumstances) to see if their loved ones could come through, even when I knew nothing of the circumstance, and it appears they did. I do this for free, always have and always will, but it is not a service I offer, at all. I do this maybe 3-4 times per year for certain individuals. (so please do not ask me as I get 200+ email per week asking me  this, it is not possible as I have no time)

Forget what you know about this kind of thing, as the rules have all been changed. Imagine going to a respected medium and his or her readings being VALIDATED by the actual spirit voice. This is already happening. Imagine sitting down, turning on a piece of software, asking who is with you and getting names in real-time, even YOUR name and sometimes personal information. This is beyond the Ouija Board, it is beyond any other apps out there and it is a notch above spirit boxes made as of Feb 20th 2015 due to the lack of static and noise.

Below I did a video to show that yes, the SCD-1 is legit and the normal spirit boxes are also legit. 100%. The video speaks for itself with the validation between the SCD-1 and an Andre’s Box. Then I try to connect with my fiancée’s father and finally, show you some more amazing replies using this SCD-1. This is about as close as you can get to a direct line to what just may be “the other side” and yes, it is for serious researchers willing to take the time to use it correctly (which is simple to do, see HERE). The messages you hear are 100% real and came through in real-time. This my friends, is spirit communication in 2015. It will only get better from here.

Enjoy and have a great weekend! MANY more videos can be seen HERE. You can purchase the SCD-1 HERE for $49.99.