BEAUTIFUL SCD-1 Sessions. Direct Communication with the Other side.


BEAUTIFUL SCD-1 Sessions. Direct Communication with the Other side.

You can purchase the SCD-1 at HERE

Every day I hear from those who own the SCD-1 (spirit communication device #1) and they tell me their stories of the amazing sessions that have been conducting using the software. Many are emotional, many are in disbelief (remember, even the skeptics could not debunk it..they said “it must have secret NSA tech” because it really does work). Why is that? Because there is nothing to debunk. There is no NSA tech but the app was created in a way, using certain TECHNIQUES and FEATURES and also using Anthony Sanchez’s proprietary technology that creates a perfect environment for communication to come through. A perfect storm if you will.

Check this SCD-1 session out..from Death Talkers SCT. Beautiful work. 
With my ideas and concept and Anthony’s technological know how and expertise in building just what I wanted, the SCD-1 was born and now we have worldwide users who are in awe of what the app can do. What does it do? It seems to communicates with the dead, and this is no joke, no hype and hundreds have already proven its power. This is a breakthrough and while there are other superb physical products out there that work for communication (Andy’s Box being one of them) there are ZERO apps that even come close to what is happening here with the SCD-1.

In fact, it works SO WELL that I will no longer use ANY other apps besides the SCD-1, GB-RIFT, and GB-1 for communication (and the fact that it has MY name on it). For my physical box session, it will be the brand new Andy’s Box that will be here within 2 weeks, Andy’s all new design which should be pretty special. In fact, I believe it is no longer called “Andy’s Box”..rather the PRD-1000 (Psychic Radio). It will be a work of art in the spirit box world. Beautiful, and an all new custom designed circuit all of his own. I will be the 1st to get one and test it so as soon as I do, look for it here. His website is at and he is a GREAT guy.

But yes…

The SCD-1 is that good, and for me the only apps worth investing in are the three I mentioned above, and I have tried HUNDREDS of them over the years, really (though have not tried them ALL as there are so many now). The only new box in production today that I would invest in (available as of Feb 2015) is the all new Andy’s Box, or an Andre’s Box (he has something cool in the works as well) so for me these will be my tools from here on out. No more Ovilus, no more P-SB7 or 11, etc.

From Laura Kimberly..a beautiful calm session using the SCD-1

The SCD-1…It was as if it was meant to be as neither Anthony or myself had any idea just how good it really would be. I know I sound gushing and excited but that is because even after several weeks of solid use it seems to be getting BETTER as if the other side is learning how to hone their skills with it. It’s quite amazing.

I also thank all of YOU for the constant motivation as without YOU there would be no SCD-1. You guys motivated and sparked me to push on and this is what came of that, so think of it as YOU being a part of it all.

Many asked me to either do a TV show (I did not want that) or release a box or something that worked better than anything out there. So I brainstormed, made connections with Anthony and we just clicked. We make a superb team and we are both happy as we can be with everything.

With the SCD-1 you have a powerful yet real tool for serious ITC work. Ask a question, and chances are you will get a response. If you have some experience in this field you will be SHOCKED as your replies will be plentiful. 

Another video from my SCD-1 files..

I have had mind bending 100% undeniable evidence using the SCD-1 and I personally have zero doubt that not only and I speaking to the dead, but it is possible to make connections with loved ones. I have seemingly done it for myself, and others are starting to as well, or so it seems. But as always, no way to PROVE this as we really have no idea WHO or WHAT comes through, we just know SOMETHING or SOMEONE DOES.

Yes, people are sitting up, taking notice and friends are telling friends and so on about this app. Those who have no idea about ANY of this are catching wind and at first laughing and thinking it is a joke, until they realize it is real.

Evidence does not lie. User reviews do not lie. Results like the ones below do not lie. We are starting a new era in spirit communication and with this, the new Andy’s Box on the way, some new stuff from Andre Wullaert and new stuff from Anthony himself in the pipeline, 2015 is going to be a breakthrough year for this kind of work.

You can purchase the SCD-1 at HERE

To read all about the SCD-1 and see everything you ever wanted to know about it, click HERE.

DISCLAIMER: Of course as I have always said..using ANY device like this we can not GUARANTEE that what we speak with are ghosts or spirits, but the messages are always telling us they are dead, they are ghosts, etc. So we say this because of the evidence. BUT we can not guarantee this as there is no way to prove we are speaking with the dead, all we know is that we are communicating directly with SOMETHING intelligent. Use at you own risk and NEVER use any device like this if it scares you.


PS:  To those asking…Nope,  NO more ECHOwhatever as Mr. Beard has burned his bridges with me and Anthony. No need to get to details but he is a horrible human being with zero class and the lies he is pouring out about the app and me are disgusting. He is desperate, he is jealous and he is worried and is having a couple of his “friends” do more dirty work. His way to deal with it was to attack me after two years of helping him greatly. Back stabbing me after I said we need co-operation NOT competition. Sad sad sad. I NEVER ATTACKED HIM. PERIOD, and I never would. Half of his main app were sold due to me, and when you attack me like that and those close to me, then you will be shut out. He is dead to me. So never again will I deal with this man who acts like a child and throws tantrums when he loses some attention. He is 100% about the money and attention and EGO, period. I am about the research and technology to get better research. For me, this has always been most important which is why you have seen this passion in me for over four years now online. But if you guys knew the things he has done and said over the past two weeks you would be sickened. I take the high road, he seems to have taken the low and dark road. Sadly he doesn’t see that this will only take him down a horrible road. I wish him well and hope he is able to get out of his dark place. I really do. I wish no ill will on ANYONE, ever.

ALWAYS choose love, light, happiness and joy over dark, anger, and evil. Believe me.