The’s an effective tool, not a miracle machine..use it wisely.

The’s an effective tool, not a miracle machine..use it wisely.


The SCD-1 has launched and so many have already downloaded it and start dot test it and use it. Many have already posted their videos using it and it has been amazing. But it appears many did not read my SCD-1 information on how to use it, the huge Q&A and the video I made that lasts 48 minutes to tell you what it is, why it is, how it works and why it may NOT work for you. 

For instructions and downloading links, click here.

Hundreds have downloaded it in under 10 hours of being live. I have heard from 20-30+ about the amazing results they have been getting yet there are 1-2 who, for some reason, expected a clear line of open communication (which I say is IMPOSSIBLE and always will be) even when I said this was not possible in my huge post that was supposed to be read before ANYONE purchases the app. You can not sit down with a coffee and have a 20 minute back and forth conversation ūüėČ Nothing does this and nothing ever will.

Just last night at 2am after the big launch I recorded for a few seconds and picked up this..but I had to slow down the replies to understand them 100%. It is quite amazing really how they mention seeing me (my reflection maybe?) then that “he is not in heaven”..then something about the western desert, which is where I live! Phoenix AZ is the western desert. So yes, it works well for ME as I have a HUGE connection to them and they rarely are silent for me. But there are times that they are. Nothing is predictable in the spirit world or with communication. All I know is that the SCD-1 is a special effective and 100% valid working tool that has the capability to give the clearest and most intelligent replies I have ever experienced.¬†

The SCD-1, to me, is the most powerful tool I have ever used for ITC work as of Jan 2015. I have used nearly all of them. If you use it correctly and with time and patience and a clear open mind, you will indeed get results. But what is just as important as the app is the recording device and evidence review/playback system. I have top notch recording equipment and playback equipment. I feel this is 100% mandatory for results like I get. If you are not using a good speaker for using the app, you need at least a decent one. If you are not recording and playing back to review, you are not going to get results. Below is my FIVE STEPS to success with ANY Spirit Communication device from an Andy’s Box to P-SB7 to Echovox to SCD-1.

  1. Use a nice speaker attached to your computer or tablet, bluetooth is preferred.
  2. Use a nice recording setup. I prefer video and I use a digital recorder for my camcorders mic. Video is best IMO.
  3. Use a decent setup for evidence playback and review. I load my video into iMovie and listen back very carefully.
  4. Use nice headphones to listen back. OVER the ear is preferred.
  5. Always do sessions with an open mind, heart and positivity. Spirits do not like negativity in my experience.

Remember that most replies come in so fast most will never ever hear what they are getting. I highly suggest an audio or video program that allows you to slow down the audio while retaining pitch. This is invaluable to me and is how I am able to hear most replies. No one knows why replies come in fast, but most of them do.

So remember, the SCD-1 is not a miracle machine or something  you can bring to you buddies house and turn on and start having a conversation with the dead. It is a professional tool, that when used in live scan mode will give you the power and tools to record the clearest and most amazing spirit replies possible. How good it works is up to you and the variable above. I have said all of this in my Q&A but some just do not like to read it seems.

Also, if you have any customer service inquiries, the place to email is 

Thank you.