The Dead Speak: Joe’s Box #4 and Andre’s Box #4


The Dead Speak: Joe’s Box #4 and Andre’s Box #4

New video time! Over the past few months I have been UBER CRAZY BUSY with my real job. I have to make a living and I am blessed enough to do one thing I love day in and out. I run a photo review blog and have for seven years. It is quite popular with 100k visits per day. Before the Holidays it gets crazy and now that Christmas and New Years have passed I have some free time to start doing sessions again.

What you are seeing here is only the beginning as I have a ton planned for 2015 that will take ITC and Spirit communication to the next level. Top Secret stuff that should be revealed by February. 🙂 I will say one thing. Look out for the “SCD-1”.

For this video I am using a Joe’s Box #4 loaned to me. My Joe’s Box is #3 but has been broken for a while now and no one has been able to fix it with three attempts now, two of them were said to be electronics gurus.

Joe’s Box #4 sounds quite a bit different than my Joe’s #3  – the highest volume is barely audible where mine had a loud full speaker. It also seems to sweep differently and bring in more radio where mine was basically silent until a response came through. Even so, #4 is as clear as #3 and I would LOVE to own another Joe’s box one day. If anyone knows ANYONE who wants to sell one I will pay dearly for one..more than you think. SO contact me using the contact form if you know of anyone that wants to sell.


Below is a collection of short clips captured over the past two weeks. This is REAL spirit communication and keep in mind that 80% of what comes through the boxes is NOT heard in real time. Thank you!