E.V.P.’s on the Queen Mary 11/01/2014


E.V.P.’s on the Queen Mary 11/01/2014

During my Halloween Event on the Queen Mary I was able to meet some of you who follow my work as well as go with you all on a 4-5 hour investigation of the ship, late at night. While exhausted during the wee small hours it was absolutely a thrill to investigate the ship. During Night #2 we had some crazy cool experiences and I have only reviewed a SMALL portion of the over 2 hours of footage I recorded during both nights. It may take me 2-3 weeks to get to all of the footage but for now I wanted to present a nice video with some EVP from night #2 on the ship, which was 11/01/2014.

The video speaks for itself, so check it out and enjoy 🙂

…and the photo that I shot that is explained in the video

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