Frequently Asked Questions: My answers!

Frequently Asked Questions: My answers!


Every day I receive many messages from those of you who are fascinated with the paranormal, spirit communication, ghost boxes or asking me if I can do a session to reach loved ones who have passed. Between this and my photo blog I receive anywhere from 200-400 e-mils a day. It became so overwhelming that I had to turn off messaging on my Paranormal Facebook page a long time ago to avoid even more messages that I could not answer. There is just no physical way possible for me to get to all of the messages I receive, for this I apologize.  Imagine getting just 100 message a day, yet you skip 2 or 3 days and those 100 a day add up to 400, and they never ever stop. Now multiply that by 3-4. Impossible for me to answer when I work 60-70 hours per week on my business (photography blog) and it would take me 100 hours per week to answer every email or message.

I do this in my spare time which is why you do not see me heading to exotic locations to investigate every week or two. I really have no time and because this brings in zero income for me (I choose to do it this way) I can not spend more time than I do on it. 

Long story short, many of the emails that come in are asking me the same questions over and over and over again and while I have answered many of them many times on my Facebook page, many never see those answers. Because of that I decided to make this page here to help answer these “Frequently Asked Questions”. While you can contact me using the contact form above, keep in mind I do not answer questions asking me to contact loved ones (as it stated on that form) nor can I listen to or watch long videos with evidence.

It’s only a time thing, and I apologize. If the day comes when I can devote more time to THIS then I will answer more questions 🙂


Q: What Ghost Box should I buy?

A: There are a few boxes made today that are available. The old P-SB7 and the new P-SB11 are the mass made boxes available from many locations, but they are not the best boxes. Still, if you have al limited budget the best starter box is the $79 P-SB7. You will need a speaker with it though as the built in one is awful. Also, the build and longevity of this device is in question (three of mine broke within months). Then there are boutique hand made boxes and IMO, these are the best. To read a more detailed article about “which box should I buy”? then you can click HERE to read details about all of the boxes I have tried or used or still own.


Q: Can you contact my loved one who passed?

A: I am so sorry but I can not. I have done a few private sessions over the last three years as experiments, and they all yielded pretty amazing results. But again, it comes down to time. I work 60-70 hours per week and do this in my spare time yet I still need family time and personal time to unwind and relax. Doing focused sessions take a lot out of me and when I do the free group sessions I am wiped out physically and mentally after it is over. It wears me down, and possibly is even aging me quicker than normal. (seems like it). So I can not do personal sessions as I do not have the time or energy to do 10 per week. In the last TWO years I have received over 4,000 requests for personal sessions. Yes, over 4,000. To me this is amazing as I never started doing this for any kind of fame, fortune, attention or as a way to say “I am a medium” as I never call myself anything. If I did one, I would have to do them all, and I just can not.

But yes, many would take my situation and run with it..charging $200 a pop to do a session. Me, I had one person send me $100 via paypal after they loved their session. I refunded it 🙂 I have yet to make a penny doing this, but again, that is by choice. Many tell me I should charge and make a fortune but I am not about money. I am not rich, not even close. I have a cheap humble house and choose to save money and have been doing so for years. What I do make goes to living in a simple way, doing what I enjoy and making sure my family is taken care of. I am about living a humble simple life, helping others and being happy..not about making millions.

With that said, I truly wish I had time to do more for more people. Maybe one day I will and if that day comes I will let everyone know.

Q: Do you have a TV show coming?

A: Nope, I turned down the offers I have had so far. I have spoken with at least six production companies and networks over the past 1 1/2 years. For reasons I will not go into I decided that TV as it is today is not for me. Not only does it take months of your life, the pay is teeny tiny and it would destroy my career as it is (my business that I work 60 hours per week on), which has treated me very well. It would also take away time from family and friends and at the same time I would have to do things I am not comfortable doing. Like it or not there is no such thing as Reality and TV. The two do NOT go together as there is not one reality show on TV today. What I mean is that nothing you see on TV (in reality shows) is actually “reality”. If I can not do a show that is 100% real in regards to evidence, I do not want to do it. I also would not do a show for $250 an episode for the 1st season and spend three months of my life away from home neglecting my business and family. I am not about fame or fortune so it is easy for me to turn things like this down. I prefer to be known 10 years from now as the real deal with an archive of 100% real evidence and footage, not an over exaggerated actor on TV.

The cool thing is though, I have ideas of my own and the best is yet to come. Hope I can do what I am planning 🙂 – (I JUST DID, see it HERE)

Q: Can you get rich being a paranormal investigator?

A: Believe it or not I do get the question at least 2X per month. The answer is NO. A real paranormal investigator will never ever get rich from this. Unless they win the lottery 🙂 Some can make a living with TV shows (read above) or even doing private readings for $200 a pop (if in demand) or making boxes or apps. For example, I could be raking in an easy couple grand per week if I truly wanted to do private readings. With 4,000 requests in two years, at least 1/4 of them would pay me if asked. If I were that type of guy 1,000 X $200 is $200,000 over two years. $100k a year doing something I love, something that comes naturally and something that gets results. BUT there is no way I can guarantee who or what comes through. It may sound like a family member but that is no guarantee that is who it is. Because of this (as well as the limited time and energy) I choose not to pursue it. This does not mean others should not, not at all. I embrace those who have a gift and want to help others. Truth be told, if I had the time I would love to do more private sessions.

To date I have spent $36,000 on this field and research (I have all receipts). I have made a few bucks back from Youtube ads on my videos, so my total loss? $32,000k+.

Do not get into this field if you want to strike it rich.


Q: Why do you have a “Donations Accepted” link on this website?

A: Easy. As I said above, I spent $36k in travel, gear, expenses and all kinds of things in this field. If I can get a $5 donation that helps to offset it, or buy me a sandwich. 🙂 To date I have received a whopping $395 in donations (THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO DONATED, it is GREATLY appreciated!), but again, spent over $20k doing this so others can see what is real, what is possible, gear reviews and of course my FREE group sessions that I do monthly for free. 🙂 Nothing wrong with this at all. I never ever ask for donations but the link is there if anyone wants to chip in $5 or so.

Q: How can I participate in your Group Sessions?

A: 1st of all, they are 100% free every time and accessible to anyone in the world. It is a special thing that has given so many so much, and  I appreciate all who have participated to date (nearly 5,000). After every session I get so many message from emotional participants who say they heard from a family member, and they thank me. For me, this is as good as it gets and validates every second and dollar I spend on this research. To join in or keep tabs on when they take place, click HERE.

Q: You say you have been doing this for years but your YouTube videos date back to about 3 1/2 that how long you have been doing this?

A: NO, not at all. I investigated the Queen Mary and received my first class A EVP’s about 10-11 years ago now. I have used a Ouija board since age 9 (I am now 45)  and have been infatuated with spirits and ghosts since I was a child, but back then I was a skeptic. I WANTED to believe but couldn’t until I really experienced something paranormal myself. Over four years ago I started a YouTube channel but removed it after 6 months. That was “spiritboxEVP”. I got back in it a few weeks later and started the channel as it is now at Huff Paranormal. So while I have been actively doing videos for the public for 3-4 years, I have been into this my whole life. Anyone who reads my story will know this already but I do get this question from time to time.


Q: What is the feeling you get when a spirit is near you?

A: When I first started with all of this I noticed my body would get electrified. Not just goosebumps or chills, no, this is different, much different. Many of us get chills but this feels ELECTRIC. Like I am being zapped from head to toe but in a good way. When I feel this I can whip out a recorder or video camera and 100% of the time I get an EVP. I have done over 100 experiments testing this and I can say that yes, when I feel this there is “something” near me.

Q: How do you know the “spirits” leaving messages are not Aliens?

A: I don’t! They could be anything and I have said this forever. I use the word spirits as that is the general theory that is accepted. For all I REALLY know though it cold be aliens. Basically we record voices from thin air, many  times what is said makes no sense. It is something invisible, and something very real. This has been proven over and over. But where these voices come from has NOT been proven. YET. Many theories are out there from Aliens, Humans having out-of-body experiences, humans dreaming, our own mind (I already proven this one to be not true).

So in theory it appears they are human souls that are lingering around. The evidence supports but can not prove this. We are free to make up our own minds as to what it is and my belief is that they are indeed earthbound spirits.

Q: Why do your EVP’s have echos or sound like the spirit is IN THE ROOM with you?

A: Because they are. REAL EVP’s recorded on high quality equipment will record the spirit clearly. I only post my CLASS A results and never post my lower level EVP anymore as most will never hear them. When a real class A EVP is recorded in a room, maybe a room that has a natural ECHO, the EVP will also have that ECHO. This is fact, and I have recorded 100’s of EVP’s like this. The ones you hear on TV that are all grainy and gravely and hard to hear are either class C-D EVP or quite simply faked to be creepy. REAL EVP can be full sentence length and the spirits ARE indeed in the room with me when I record their voice, so their replies will sound like a person but they always have some sort of unique inflection and many times there is a click before an EVP is recorded (which is a well documented phenomenon).

Q: Is this safe to do? Why haven’t you been possessed by a demon?

A: Yes this is safe. I have been doing this EXTENSIVELY in my own home and on location for years, never an issue after I realized the #1 thing to fear is your own fear. Once I dropped fear 100% everything was peaceful and amazing. I live my life with extreme luck. Many accuse me of having a horseshoe shoved up my rear. I am lucky in life, love, business, and all aspects. I live stress free and I am always 100% positive never allowing negativity to creep in. Negativity, fear, drama and THINKING there are demons coming to get you will indeed make many bad things happen but they are all drummed up from your mind do to fear. This is my theory and I have proven it over and over again. If I sit at my Ouija and ask for demons to get me, they won’t. They can’t. It’s all about your state of mind and because I know this is not possible, it would never and can never happen. I guarantee you I will never be possessed. I will reference this post in 5 more years to prove it yet again to those who email me telling me demons are going to kill me within a year…as I am living my happy healthy life filled with peace and love, and always will be. So I speak for myself..and I have never had an issue.


Q: Is the Ouija Board Evil? Can I become possessed by using it or a ghost box?

A: No, and NO. I have used the board for 35+ years. My life is filled with love, peace, harmony, luck, love, and warmth. No stress, no issues and I live a happy, simple, debt free life. Never depressed, never sad, never negative. Just happy, positive, caring and helpful to others. If demons were created and summoned from the Ouija I would have had a horrible life and according to Bible thumpers, would have been dead already. I am living proof that the Ouija Board is safe and NOT used for evil. Most who spew this nonsense are those who do so for book deals, TV deals and movie deals yet they have ZERO evidence to back ANY of what they say up. None. Others who say  these things are just repeating whether “heard”.

Millions of boards have been sold over the years, to children. To adults. To teens. Yet not even ONE single documented real case of danger, demons or possession. Just stories from the dramatic people who want hits, attention or THOUGHT they were being attacked out of their own fear. The ONLY thing to fear when doing this is FEAR itself. FEAR will eat you up and convince you that demons are out to get you. That is a fact, so before the religious and drama heads email me predicting my doom, get your facts straight with FACTS, not myths. Thank you 🙂 See this article I wrote for more info on Ouija Boards.  My immediate death was predicted by several mediums years ago. They were all wrong. My life could not be better.

Q: Is everything you do really 100% real?

A: YES! 100%.

Q: What Audio Software do you use to sow down your Ghost Box messages and/or EVP’s?

A: I do not use ANY Audio Software. In fact, NONE of my audio evidence is captured to an audio recorder in the way 99% of the Paranormal World has been doing it for so long. I find that method to be not nearly as good as how I do it. I do use a digital recorder but it is used as a microphone hooked into the Mic input of my Camcorder. This acts as sort of a double amplification method and helps with spirit replies. ALL of my audio is captured direct to video, not an audio file. I do not have ONE single audio file in the over 10,000 files I have. All video. I use a 13 terabyte hard drive to store all of my video 😉 When I shoot video, and all of my sessions are recorded (using the recorder as my mic), I load them into iMovie on my iMac 27″. I then watch and listen closely and when I hear an EVP or a reply, I may slow it down or reverse it to hear a message, etc. All I need is built right into the free iMovie software. It is all I have done for years. I do use very high quality sensitive headphones with a dedicated amp for crystal clarity.

Q: What do you think you contribute to the paranormal field?

A: This is funny as this question came in to me last week due to a specific negative hater guy who said he makes history (by hacking radios) and I do nothing and contribute nothing. So let me see. What do I feel I have contributed to this thing we call ITC and spirit communication?

1. I have brought Spirit Box and Ghost Box evidence to more people than anyone else ever has. When I started this there were small groups of 30-40-80 people on Facebook. There were a FEW videos on YouTube of impressive spirit box videos (one guy, Stephen Hill inspired me to start using them). At the time 99%of people considered it to be a device that was nonsense. Even established  teams refused to use them as they claimed it was picking up CB radio or something silly.

Since my videos have been up for many years I have received over seven million views of those videos, gained 60,000 subscribers to youtube and almost 100k likes on my Facebook. 

More and more people are using boxes now and it has now been accepted as a valid tool. More boxes are being made and many are raking in the bucks selling them. My videos have raised worldwide awareness and today there are thousands of people using boxes on YouTube 🙂

2. I have brought in real, valid, and quite amazing crystal clear evidence to PROVE that the boxes and certain apps work. Yes, PROVEN. Many times clips are posted to my Facebook and not youtube and direct replies are incredible. Many consider me the #1 Ghost Box guy in the ambassador if you will. I do not call myself this, many others do. If you search for Ghost Box evidence you are most likely going to find one of my videos. In addition I do class A EVP work (without a box or device) as well as photo ITC (photographing spirits). ALL of this has been brought to a much wider audience than before I started. Not sure why or how but I seem to be able to get super clear replies most of the time. There are others who can as well, a few that I know and are great guys but they are not as aggressive as I am with putting out videos and trying to get the word out. This is my passion and I love it which is why I do it.

The hack box maker who says I contribute nothing does none of this, and never has. He has a few that follow him (literally) and all he does is attack and belittle anyone who gets more attention than he does (and that is everyone).

3. I also contribute reviews and real world use of gadgets. For example, I paid $1,000 for the new SLS camera just to test it and to see if it was garbage. If it was I would have said so which would have informed many about it. Many of my videos have reviews of these items and show real use of them. This is valuable for many.

4. My group sessions. I do these for free once a month and up to 1,000 at a time participate along with me. We have, with the help of those participating, captured many relevant replies from what many believe to be their passed loved ones. This alone is worth EVERYTHING I do as it not only helps so many, it helps me to keep going. Just knowing the is possible keeps the fires ignited in me to keep pushing this forward.

5. I am doing a $1500 giveaway soon on my Facebook page where I will be giving away an item valued at $1500. Many times I give away items. Last one was a $269 Ovilus III I gave away (and paid for).

6. I have, in collaboration with a Mr. Anthony Sanchez, created what I feel is the best paranormal spirit communication tool on the market. The SCD-1. Read about it HERE.

Q: Demons are messing with you! You will regret doing this work!

A: While this is not a question I do get bible thumpers from time to time telling me this. To those who feel this way I suggest you read THIS.

Q: Someone said you get great results because you use high end cameras and this all I need?

A: Lol, no. I can capture EVP with my iPhone video mode but so can anyone else once they are connected to the other side, and that is the hard part. Have you ever noticed that some people get very low level and whisper EVPs while some get class A loud EVP’s on a regular basis? Ever wonder why that is? Well, I feel there are many reasons for this but #1, you just have to open up to them and accept all of this as 100% reality before anything. Then you have to show respect, love, kindness and a willingness to help. Truly they sense it. Opening your third eye..yes, that is a big part as well. The more you open it, the more you will receive. So if I give my recorder to someone else they may never get an EVP. In other words, it is not the gear it is the operator. It has taken me 4+ years to get to this level with daily meditations, sessions in my home on a regular basis, etc. At times it has worn me out.

Q: Do apps work?

A: YES, and very well. My new SCD-1 or the GB-1 app.   or RIFT. I have download purchased and tested SO MANY. These are the only I would ever use for real communication.

BUT In 2015 we also now have my very own SCD-1 which was created in collaboration with Anthony Sanchez of  – It has been selling like mad and so any users around the world are showing amazing results with it. To ME, this is as good as it gets in the spirit communication world. See much more on the SCD-1 HERE. 


Q: What do you think of the skeptics who attack you?

A: I think they are all either very close minded, scared, jealous, or just negative types of people. Most are unhappy in life. Many fear the unknown and would never want to admit that any of this is real. Some feel like they know it all, when they in fact know NOTHING about the spirit world or what is or is not real. They go by what they have learned in life..that ghosts are not real. I was always told this as well, but for some reason always knew deep down that they did exist. When I look back to my young life as a child I can remember events that I could not explain, and now I can. Even when I was 7-8 I was feeling them, but then I had no idea what it was. Skeptics will usually never believe anything unless they experience it for themselves, which is understandable. I was the same way once in life.

But when a skeptic comes to my site or Facebook page and attacks me, that is when I have a problem with it. I do not go on “skeptic forums” and trash them or post my work or promote myself yet they come here, even if they do not believe, just to attack me because for some reason they feel I am faking or scamming or making tons of cash. None of it is true, sorry to disappoint them.

The problem with skeptics who attack and are negative are within themselves, not me. They feel lacking in their own life, whether that is with love, money, success, or overall happiness. They attack others (like me) to make themselves feel better. They hide behind a computer screen as they feel safe. The “Hater Skeptic” are awful human beings. They would never approach me face to face with these things they say, as they are cowards. Again, I am taking about the “Hater Skeptic”.

The normal skeptics are fine as it is healthy to be skeptical. The ones who are respectful, I can be friends with. I have nothing against this type of skeptic. Come here and attack me though, or anyone here, and you will be banned from here, my Facebook and my YouTube channels. I just do not deal with them, period and they will never ever discourage me from doing this, as it is a lifelong thing for me from here on out. End of story. I will state again, I have never and will never fake anything. Believe it or not, whatever you like. There is NOTHING any Hater or Skeptic can say or do to me that would stop me from doing exactly what I do here every day. All they do is make me feel sad for THEM.

Q: Why don’t you answer your youtube messages or comments?

A: Quite a few reasons for that but again, I am too busy. With hundreds of emails every day, with so much work to do with my REAL job and with so many things I just HAVE To do, not counting family and friend is IMPOSSIBLE to get to the thousands of YouTube messages and comments. I currently have over 16,000 YouTube message in my inbox.  I am not superhuman. I am a normal human being and there are only 16 hours in my day. Not nearly enough to make everyone happy every day. To those who have been complaining and attacking me about this, sorry but I have a life as well and the videos I do should explain all that is needed to be explained. Wish I could answer everyone but it is just not humanly possible. If I had no job and received 10-50 messages a day, sure! No problem. But 60 hour work week, 30 hour paranormal work week, family time and sleep…then answering 50 emails a day in bed at night..just no way to do it all … and survive.

Q: Why do some things in your videos sound different from what the text says?

A: I am human. Sometimes my ears get tired and sometimes what you hear may sound different and in fact be different from what I thought it said. It is all open to interpretation. Sometimes I will do the video, listen to it again and realize a word is not what I thought it was. Instead of spending an hour fixing and re-uploading it I just let it go as all of you have ears and can probably hear it better than I can anyway 🙂 Nobody is perfect, but the good thing is you can decide for yourself what is being said. I probably mislabel 5% of words due to tired ears and hours of listening.

Q: can my pet come back to visit me?

A: Everything I have seen in my research tells me YES. I believe they do. I can’t say for sure, but my belief is yes. 

Q: Where can I buy your SCD-1?