The New GB-1 Ghost Box App Test. Incredible Spirit Validation. It’s real!


The New GB-1 Ghost Box App Test. Incredible Spirit Validation. It’s real!

You can download this app (for windows only)  – direct link to GB-1 is HERE.

Just yesterday a new “APP” was released for the purpose of Spirit Communication. Big deal right? I mean, there are hundreds of nonsense apps out there being sold for your mobile device that will set you back anywhere from $1 to $50 and 99.8% of them are awful. They are gimmicks and toys..not real, and they do not work. To date, well, before this GB-1 App, the only app I have used that was 100% real and legitimate for ITC and Spirit Communication has been ECHOVOX.

You can read about Echovox HERE.

Echovox has been amazing for me and lately I have not been able to use it as much because my Android device has broken for the 2nd time. I am an Apple guy and I bought a Samsung Galaxy Note just to use Echovox. The reason I spent money to do so is because it is real, it works and it can at t imps deliver bone chilling results.

When I heard the new and hype of the new GB-1 app I shrugged it off and assumed it was another junk app or some kind of rip off aimed at taking advantage of those who want a Ghost Box but can not afford it.

I was 100% WRONG.

Even though I do not own a Windows PC, which is required to run this app, I downloaded and paid for it anyway. My $30 was sent over and I downloaded the app because I test most apps, especially those that claim to be real and effective. I mean, you never know when you will find the “one” that is so good, it is responsible for pushing that envelope even further than ever before.

It seems we now have such an app in the GB-1 Ghost Box app.

My video showing the two tests I did with this app, amazing. 

I borrowed a windows PC laptop just to run and test this app, and last night I sat down at my usually session spot, pressed record on my camcorder and turned on the app.

In only a few minutes of recording I heard my last name, my fiance’s name, my spirit guides name (EVA), the name “Billy” which most of you know (who have been following me), and MANY other names including another regular spirit who hangs around me, Nancy.

Not only did their names come through, they came through in phrases and sentences. I was told Billy appreciated what i did for him, I was told that Nancy was here and when I asked for names of who was around, three names instantly came through, one with a 1st and last name.

I was so in awe that I thought for a brief moment that the app developer was playing a prank on me..but that was impossible. He did not contact me to try the app and he had no idea I was going  to buy and try it. I expected to try it and have major disappointment and report here that it was a scam. I can not say that, at all. Quite the opposite.

When he found out I downloaded it and tried it he was excited to have me give it a go as he was familiar with my work.

To rule out that it was some sort of impossible fluke on the 1st night when I did the few minute session as a quick test, I did another one today. I recorded for longer than I did last night and once again, I am blown AWAY.

The spirits seem to know how to use this device and they use it well. THIS app, for $30, works so good it really beats most of my boxes, even those that cost me $1500+.

For $29, this is a STEAL.

But not everyone will get stunning results. As they say in TV, your results may vary. But with patience, practice and dedication along with love, peace, kindness and an open will soon be on your way to an incredible experience. Here we are in 2014 and the veil is lifting..spirits are communicating with thousands of people around the world, and this app just helped to lift that veil even more. As I said long ago, within 10 years this will be accepted and commonplace. Spirit communication.

Not even skeptics can bitch and moan about these results. It is uncanny, undeniable and 100% real. Because all of the names I regularly get through my other boxes came in so quickly and clearly with this app, I know 100% that it is real, it works and it is an easier way for those spirits to come through.

Of course I will always use my physical boxes and Echovox, but this is yet another incredible tool that I urge you to try if you are in to spirit communication.

The video is above mid page, enjoy itl