Group Night #8 – Mega Messages from Beyond!


Group Night #8 – Mega Messages from Beyond!

OK! Here it is, Group Night #8 is all wrapped up and the video is done. It seemed like many messages came ¬†through and at times were non stop. It felt really crowded in my room and even when I asked if there were more or less than 10 with me a voice said “MORE”. many direct answers and messages so listen carefully if you took part in this session! You can always find out info on the next group session by keeping an eye here on the Group Session tab (at the top of any page) or on my Huff Paranormal Facebook page HERE, under events.

If you participated in this session by doing the meditation and following the instructions that were laid out then watch the video in its entirety and listen very carefully. Remember that spirits do not have a physical body, brain or memory..they are energy and usually can only leave simple messages consisting of one word of even a phrase with several words. They will never leave a complex message, but usually will let out something that will make you realize it is who you are looking to hear from. This is why the legit mediums in the world receive simple messages of letters and words and symbols. Same idea.

So listen carefully, headphones are always best. If you feel you received a message, leave a comment below and tell me about it! Thank you ALL!!


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