The Spirit Boy ITC Photo Re-Visited

The Spirit Boy ITC Photo Re-Visited

Most of you by now have seen the Spirit Boy photo I captured last week just before a group session. You can read more about it HERE and see the original crop of the image. I went back to the image this morning as I decided to take a look at the RAW file (those into digital photography will understand that one) as it offers more dynamic  range and better quality/color/detail. I also decided (after a few requests) to show you the full frame of the photo along with a crop of the boys face from the RAW file. This way you can get an idea of what I was doing and see the entire pot. YOU MUST click the image for the larger size so you can see more detail. You will see it best on a computer screen rather than a phone 😉

The full image below is pretty amazing. You see my hand agitating the water and right above my hand the “wings” and face of the boy. Again, click the image to see it larger and more detailed. This is from the RAW file which offers deeper color (from the backlight) and more details and not as many blown out highlights. 


Whoever this boy is, he is still around my house and I will be attempting to bring him in my next spirit box session.

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