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My Life Journey..and why I am who I am today. (It’s a long one) – PART 1, Early Years. The truth of who I am, my life, and how I got here…(Part 1). Take me or leave me as I am who I am, and I refuse to let some “conspiracy theory” be stated as fact. Truth be told,  I started writing this a year ago, and it was originally never meant for publication on a website, but the project this was going to be…I decided to nix it. But before you believe lies and trash, THIS is the story of my life, if you are interested in the truth and all truth. As of now, my life is a 100% open book. So as I sit here in my office on this beautiful morning I am looking at my hands, my arms, my reflection and I am saying “wow, […]

Introducing the Portal App. It’s FREE! Hey guys, happy THURSDAY to all! Almost to the end of the week and I am happy the weekend is almost here (even though we are supposed to reach 120 degrees in Phx this weekend with record setting heat) and wanted to share some cool news with all of you! Many of you know I have had a few ITC devices and apps I have created over the years. The SCD-1, The Impossible Box, Ethereal, The Portal, The Wonder Box…all tools to help push the limits of spirit communication, and oh have they ever done just that. Today there are thousands using the apps with my name on them, and to date, the only apps I have had a hand in creating have been premium, pro level software tools like the SCD-1, which is still my top fave and my GOTO when replies and info […]

The Sessions Continue..Wonder Box, Divination Box, Spiritus, Heaven Box and more Below is a video of a few sessions from the past week using the Wonder Box, and expanding on the sessions from my last video. The connection here is getting stronger, and is better than ever. THIS is what it has always been about…pushing the envelope, finding new ways to speak with spirit instead of the old noisy horrible sounding ghost boxes of the past. While they had their day and purpose, we have moved on from that in the world of ITC. With the Wonder Box, we can use ANY audio source into it, we can put in ANYTHING and have spirit manipulate it to speak. We could load in 5 words spoken over and over and over and spirit will change it. All of this has been shown, and proven over and over again. Spirits do not […]

  If you only watch one of my videos, make it this one… Lately, ever since creating the Wonder Box, I have been getting more and more serious communication and some of it has been really making me think long and hard as it is getting “very real”, about as real as it can get. Using Matt Paynes, FREE Divination Box app, which I feel is a perfect mate to the wonder box, I am getting full on conversational type communication. No noise, no scanning, no modulation over the voice and to top it off, all audio comes out of this app in REVERSE, backwards human speech. This means if we get clear direct answers to our questions, in real-time, then it can not be explained away as anything but PARANORMAL. The video below is going to show you the most incredible spirit communication I have ever received in my […]

WOWZERS. AMAZING DEMO OF THE WONDER BOX MINI. 100% REAL COMMUNICATION. See the video below…   It just does not get any better than this in June of 2016 for true spirit communication (IMO and for ME). This is the new, 100% completed and tweaked WONDER BOX MINI. It is a tool I created after the original Portal, as it is an enhancement to the Portal. Clearer sound. Clearer replies. No more muffled sound. Reverse modes. Direct Line mode that for me, seemingly creates a “direct line” to the other side. The best thing is, I am going to show EVERYONE how to make one, for those researchers who want a serious powerful spirit communication device. From time to time I will offer ONE for sale that was made, painted, customized by me but they will be few and far between. I’d rather show all how to make them as […]

  A conversation with spirit Using the free Android app, “DIVINATION BOX” by Matt Payne, hooked into my wonder box, I had the most amazing session with a spirit who was giving me details they have never given (they have been doing this more and more lately) and there are so many direct answers to questions here. The kicker? This app ONLY plays reversed/backwards human speech. Matt designed it this way as when evidence comes through that is understandable, it can not be debunked. Running into my wonder box I was using normal portal mode, so only noise reduction and reverb were active. Amazing, and once again proves, for the 100th time, that we are talking with something NOT OF THIS WORLD. Enjoy the video below:

Incredible Spirit Sessions: Wonder Box Mini with new apps, telephone to the dead and more! These days I wake up every day feeling blessed, loved, and with a peace of mind I have never had in my life. For the past 5-6 years I have become very spiritual, and also I have been of a very positive mindset for all of this time. I reject negativity and hate at all costs as those things will in fact bring you down in life. I see it every day, every hour. In the age of the internet where negative people thrive as they can be faceless (wearing masks is cowardly), nameless (fake names and profiles are cowardly) and cowardly while pushing their hate lie filled BS agenda. People like that, how are they supposed to be taken seriously? Me, I am the opposite, and I thank God for that each and every […]

Wonder Box Mini – First Test This was meant to be a test but it ended up being a pretty damn good session. Using a police scanner in reverse mode, and the Murmur Box app (free Android app) which puts out human speech in reverse (I had reverse modes off for this one) the spirits were not only coming through, but giving more info than they normally do during a quick session. The Wonder Box Mini is a smaller version of my huge wonder box. Has all the same features and then some as this one runs on power from the wall or a battery pack. All four NEW pedals, custom algorithms for reverb and reverse and the new DIRECT LINE MODE. Simply awesome. Many have asked me if I would sell this box, and I always say “not really’ due to time, expense to make, shipping, etc. But I […]

100% UN-DEBUNKABLE SESSION. A TRUE Telephone to the Dead. Incredible. Hello to all! I am back today with a new session, and a new method for connecting with spirits that is absolutely 100% UN-DEBUNKABLE. That is fact. No one can explain what is happening here, or deny it. Well, many can deny it as most skeptics go to this as a backup when they can not explain it away. I prefer reality 😉 What is happening here was led to me by the spirits themselves. When I added the telephone handset to the Wonder Box, they kept saying things like “use the phone”, “the telephone”…etc. These can all be seen in videos I have posted recently. A few days ago, they said “TELEPHONE” again. I then said “I have tried speaking into it, but it does not seem to help with anything”..the reply was “using wrong”. Then after a few […]

  THE FULL JOHNNY CASH SESSIONS – FIVE OF THEM – WITH A CROSS OVER ATTEMPT Over the past week or two I have been experimenting with a new ITC method. A new way to try to connect with a specific spirit using my all new Wonder Box spirit communication device. It sounded quite simple. After a session I recently posted where a guide told me they could get whoever I asked for now, I decided to try it out with sessions on Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash. While both had amazing results, I felt a connection to Johnny Cash as I have been a fan for MANY years, and he was my Father’s fave artist. So growing up, there was never a JC shortage. When the words were coming in his own voice saying he was in hell, he has not gone to the light and that he wanted […]

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