Group Session

My Patreon. Benefits.

Join my Patreon HERE.  Just wanted to write a post about my Patreon page as it has become an amazing place for those of us to hang out, chat, discuss ideas and evidence and so […]


Life is Short. Be Kind.

I say it every day. Love is the Key.  To you reading this right now, we have a huge thing in common me and you. We are both human beings, living on this earth, and […]


Wonder Box Red for Sale

UPDATE! Only one of three left to order! When it’s gone, that’s it for the Wonder Box Red! Just to announce I have put up THREE Wonder Box Red devices up for sale. These will […]

Astral Doorway


New Video. Death is a myth my friends. Yes, we lose our physical body, but our soul is eternal. Our soul never dies. As I go through life, grow older, and connect more and more […]

Crossing Over

A Lost Soul Prays with Me

In this video I encounter a lost soul, as I have many many times over the years. If you have watched my work for these past few years, you will have seen videos where spirits […]