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  THE FULL JOHNNY CASH SESSIONS – FIVE OF THEM – WITH A CROSS OVER ATTEMPT Over the past week or two I have been experimenting with a new ITC method. A new way to try to connect with a specific spirit using my all new Wonder Box spirit communication device. It sounded quite simple. After a session I recently posted where a guide told me they could get whoever I asked for now, I decided to try it out with sessions on Michael Jackson and Johnny Cash. While both had amazing results, I felt a connection to Johnny Cash as I have been a fan for MANY years, and he was my Father’s fave artist. So growing up, there was never a JC shortage. When the words were coming in his own voice saying he was in hell, he has not gone to the light and that he wanted […]

SPIRIT VOICE: Johnny Cash & Michael Jackson Sessions. Wonder Box. Simply amazing. My favorite personal session to date, and that is saying a lot as I have hundreds of sessions and thousands of hours of recordings. I always say that we have NO WAY to ever tell who is coming through these devices. We know SOMETHING is, and they tell me they are spirits, souls, and sometimes they will use the word ghost. Everything I have learned from these years of research tells me that WE ARE INDEED talking with the dead. But connecting with a specific person? That CAN be tricky, take loads of energy, meditation and a true desire to reach out to that one person. To date, I feel I have connected now with TWO specific people without a doubt…I say I BELIEVE THIS, as I was the one doing the sessions, it was my experience and […]

SOULS JOURNEY: Haters, Progress, Positivity and a SESSION! Hey guys, just a video that talks about HATERS, PROGRESS, POSITIVITY and I throw in a GEOBOX Session at the end as well ūüėČ This is a fun one, and a must see as it needs to be said. THANK YOU ALL!

SCD-1 and WONDER BOX Session. BREATHTAKING. Did a session with my completed WONDER BOX today, with my SCD-1. What happened was extraordinary. Replies were more direct than ever and I heard 95% of the replies in real time compared to 50% of the original portal. THIS IS AMAZING GUYS, check out the video as it explains itself.

My $25,000 CHALLENGE coming to a CLOSE..Here is why! For a couple of years now, due to the hate side of the ITC field (Those¬†certain researchers and box makers¬†with big egos, jealousy and without creative or new ideas who just attack and slander while I ignore them) have cried FAKE to me..even though my devices are used around the world by others getting the same results as me, used by me in groups live with direct relevant replies to individuals in the group and despite thousands using the SCD-1 and getting touching validations, these cancers of the field keep in pushing the fake card, and it is getting them no where. Even a live Seance recently with massive direct replies from the geobox, working with others in my home, LIVE TO FACEBOOK proved what I do is real. In fact, these hate filled egomaniacs ¬†are dwindling in popularity, their groups […]

The Wonder Box is HERE. My new ITC Device. I have spent the last two years doing massive research and development. I have spent thousands, over $13,000 testing ideas, doing experiments, and finding ways to help spirit talk to us more clearly, more coherently and with more focus on CONVERSATION. More intelligent interactions. First there was the SCD-1, which was the 1st step. An App that worked like a scanning ghost box, but without the annoying static and noise that plagues spirit box devices (WHITE NOISE HINDERS communication). Then came the Portal, which excelled at creating an environment for clearer, louder, more relevant replies. It even quieted down the ultra harsh and noisy P-SB7 by around 60%. Hundreds have now been made by people all around the globe. The combo of SCD-1 and the Portal is creating some of the best spirit communication ever, and this is 100% fact. It […]

FACING FEARS: DARK ROOM SPIRIT SESSION, 1AM This video below is self explanatory. It’s all about facing fears. Ever since my attack a few weeks ago, I have been hesitant to go back, full steam ahead. Many have sent me emails with advice, and around 90% said to KEEP GOING. Around 10% told me to stop, even citing DEATH to me within weeks if I do not. One thing I can not stand is when people email me with their prophecies of doom, as they themselves know NOTHING, as neither do I, or you or that paranormal expert on TV. That is the point. NO ONE ON EARTH knows what reality is after we die or anything about what demons are or what they can do. NO ONE can tell me I will die from this, when they, in reality, have no clue about what is even happening. I have […]

Horrific Demon Attack on me. This time, it shakes me to the core. What has happened to me this past Friday evening is unspeakable, unheard of and while it was horrific, it has taught me a serious lesson. TO LISTEN to the WARNINGS of the spirits who are there to HELP ME during sessions. The video below says it all, so no need for me to write a ton here but NO, I was not asleep. I was with Debby, in the evening around 8pm watching ¬†TV, it hit me instantly. I explain how it happened in the video, and while I get emotional, keep in mind this was the most frightening thing that has ever happened to me, ever. Worse than my near death experiences in my younger life. Worse than any nightmare or dream, worse than ANY human beating you senseless, worse than ANYTHING you can imagine, and […]

ETHEREAL VALIDATION FILES, & USER VIDEOS Ever since ETHEREAL has come out, those who have purchased it have been giving it a go, and with amazing results. First, if you missed this one, take a look at my validation files using ETHEREAL..   Now, a look at some who have purchased it and have been using it… This one is from Afterlight Paranormal, and it is fantastic.   Here is one where a woman is using it in her native Spanish language. Getting Spanish replies I said, spirits will change the audio to what they want to say…   And HOPE Paranormal giving it a go…   If you want to see more, join the ITC COLLECTIVE on Facebook where many are sharing their opinions and thoughts on ETHEREAL. Click here to check out the ITC Collective.¬† Huff Paranormal’s¬†ETHEREAL is available for WINDOWS devices at GHOSTHUNTERAPPS.COM¬†– ONLY at Ghosthunterapps!

ETHEREAL IS HERE. The new ITC Software aimed at love and light A few months ago I approached Anthony Sanchez at about creating one final app for me. I felt that in this day and age what was lacking in the ITC field was an ITC tool aimed at LOVE, LIGHT, POSITIVITY and HELPING SPIRITS. A 26 MINUTE VIDEO EXPLAINING ETHEREAL, SHOWING EVIDENCE AND A SESSION ALONG WITH TWO BETAS TEST SESSIONS…   I had no idea if my concept, idea and way to implement the software to allow clear, concise spirit replies would work. But we gave it a shot and from the first beta test, I knew in my heart that we accomplished the goal. It is INCREDIBLE when a connection is established. This is software for the WINDOWS platform. It will not work on ANDROID or iOS as it is not a phone “app”. It is […]

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